Ramp – Return


Released: 2011 By Stephen Parsick

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    astral disaster

  1. 122112
  2. astral disaster
  3. unholy messiahs
  4. iniernal machines part one
  5. iniernal machines part two
  6. a new dawn
  7. 122212


  8. Return
  9. radiocarbon part one
  10. beacon
  11. radiocarbon part two
  12. lighthouse

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    As its title freely let suggest it, Return is a return to basics for [‘ramp] with an album completely made from analog equipments. Only master aboard of his studio and his abyssal wings, Stephen Parsick weaves 2 long titles to similar structures where the abrasive and industrial ambiances blow in the neck of heavy, static and unbridled rhythms. astral disaster and return are 2 long titles of an average length of 37 minutes segmented in several parts which are entwining in 2 powerful musical patterns of smells of suffers and colors of steel. Two titles of a lead heaviness which let themselves caressed by ambiances as poetic as devilish and bombarded by rhythms as heavy as unbridled, Return embraces the blackness of Redshift, the tamed rhythms of Tangerine Dream and the illuminated cosmos of Jean Michel Jarre.

    Like an apocalyptic musical book, 122112″ goes down from celestial bodies with a slow linear movement adorned by cosmic dusts which sparkle in an ambiance stuffed with atmospheric tones. Ambient noises

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