Ramp (Stephen Parsick) – Havoc


Released: 2024 By Stephen Parsick

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35 years after recording my very first piece of music, it is time to celebrate the 14th [‘ramp] album (which would also be the ninth album i created all on my own… i seem to be doing alright with no interference from the outside).
most of the music was recorded around the same time “arp-en-ciel” and “happy days” were recorded, and up to a certain point it wasn’t quite clear which piece of music would end up on what album. by late 2022, it had become obvious which pieces belonged together to form a coherent whole that would also have a narrative element of its own. “havoc” was third in line, with “arp-en-ciel” and “happy days” being released in reversed order. shortly after i had finished the rough edits of the album in mid-august 2022 i had to learn about mark shreeve’s passing. this devastating news overshadowed the production process in many ways, and in some respect i would like to view this album as some sort of tribute to mark and the lessons he taught me, with the title track “havoc” in particular (i am sure he would have liked that “massive sequencing-meets-mellotron” thing).

all music composed, arranged, and performed by stephen parsick at dachgeschoss borgholzhausen, where the future is being made, today.
conceived between march and august 2022.
recorded, mixed, engineered, produced, and mastered to basf sm 911 by stephen parsick in april and may 2023.
no midi used.
stephen parsick: analogue synthesisers, sequencers, and keyboards; mellotron; tapes, loops, and treatments; ambient field recordings.

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