Remy – Different shades of dust


Released: 2004 By AKH Records

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  1. Following DifferencesMP3 soundclip of Following differences [3:00]
  2. Shades In Darkness
  3. Moving Through Dust

Style: Schulze

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3 reviews for Remy – Different shades of dust

  1. Pascual Jurado

    Remy has a very personal style. His music joins elements from Synth-Pop, Sequencer Berlin School style of electronic music, Trance, Ambient, and some Techno touches. The three long pieces that integrate Different shades of dust” are overflown with dynamism

  2. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

    Different Shades of Dust is a superb effort, featuring three strong Electronic Music tracks, brimming with sequences, intricate structures and wonderful screaming solos.

    The first track, Following Differences” throws away the tradition of atmospheric intros by getting straight into business with one of the best sequences I’ve ever heard. It’s urgent and dramatic – very effective

  3. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity

    This release from 2004 features 61 minutes of riveting long-form electronic compositions.

    Three tracks comprise this release, granting each piece adequate time to churn from tranquillity into powerful structures of epic disposition. Stately sequencing generates a lavish but mounting mood of careful consideration; each newly added layer provides greater depth to the gradually ballooning sense of majesty. Minor e-perc enters the mix, lending a peppiness to the drifting cloud of sincere sonics. This fusion of serious and jocular gives the tuneage an appealing sentiment that is unavoidably infectious. The audiences smile is tempered with the knowledge that momentous passages are in store. These entry chords are wondrous, but they foreshadow harmonics of impending virtue.
    Auxiliary riffs rise to prominence, blending with the stirring foundations to create resonance of considerable significance. Patterns diffuse and then coalesce, forming variations that sparkle with exceptional promise as they expand and capture the flow. Melodic stretches unfurl, revealing emotional content that grows more contagious with each passing moment. Gurgling effects embellish the core of this music, enthralling and delightful.
    While percussion, often snappily pattering at the sonic peripheries, plays an integral role in this music, the tempos remain tastefully submerged in the bewitching melodies.
    The electronics wash like a refreshing waterfall, pooling in a grotto that enhances their lingering vibrations with subtle reverberations. The melody of a moment ago becomes seasoned with novel modifications that carry the tune along to more corpulent passages.

    A rewarding dose of Berlin School EM that is fondly tempered with modern attitudes.

    2005. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity

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