Remy – Disconnected


Released: 2003 By AKH Records

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  1. Ego-Trip [14:07]MP3 soundclip of Ego-Trip [3:00]
  2. Sleep [7:14]MP3 soundclip of Sleep [3:00]
  3. Ages [17:12]
  4. Stars [8:21]
  5. Mystral [18:27]
  6. Back from Paris [9:24]MP3 soundclip of Back from Paris [3:00]

Style: Klaus Schulze

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3 reviews for Remy – Disconnected

  1. Jim Brenholts

    Disconnected is more outstanding e-music from Remy Stroomer, recording as Remy.It is on AKH Records, distributed by Groove Unlimited.

    With Mastering by Ron Boots, this disc has instant heritage. With Remys strong discography, it also has instant credibility. All of the acclaim is richly deserved. This set presents a very strong adventure in focused listening. Remys nuances and subtle techniques belie the dynamic soundscapes and deep atmospheres. The compositions are juxtapositions as Remy builds atmospheres from his sequences and experimental sounds.

    While the CD is totally electronic, it sounds natural and casual. It takes a special talent like Remy to make that happen!

    2004. Jim Brenholts

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This CD from 2003 features 75 minutes of energetic electronic music.Remy Stroomer is joined on one track by Curly Quazar on guitar.

    Delicate keyboards describe playful melodies cut in a fusion of contemporary electronic and classical music styles. Lilting chords prance with congenial pride, laced with crisp E-perc that almost functions as auxiliary notes instead of rhythms. Slowly, the beats adopt their position as tempo guidance, allowing the synthesizers to escalate into more lavish cycles.
    These cycles deviate with satisfying variations, questing for more velocity and alternate direction.
    Earlier patterns return to dog the ongoing sonic evolution, goading the flow to more energetic vibrancy. And that’s just the first track.Wavery chords usher in the next tune, rising and falling like a chugging piston.
    The pattern expands, widening its scope across the keyboard as if questing for a larger sonic panorama. Crystalline notes enter the flow, peppering the melody with sugary embellishment like glass chimes dancing in a languid breeze.
    The next track explores the use of deeper sounds, notes tinged with a romantic edge (and highly reminiscent of early Nineties Klaus Schulze). The tone is sober and pensive for a while, gradually gaining girth and power. Shimmering sequencing emerges to dominate the flow. Distant textures strive in vain to commandeer the mix, but the main thread remains steadfast and victorious. Eventually, E-perc rises to assist these invading riffs, coaxing pep into the melody with snappy rhythms. Enter the electric guitar: its soft squeal accreting body until its outcry is searing with rock-out sensibilities.
    A soft piece follows, generating a heavenly starscape with twinkling notes amid a somber texture.Swooping electronics evoke a descending mist of mystical demeanor for the next track.
    Comfortably durable rhythms creep in along with shrill chords that sustain with mysterious potency. Slowly, these sparkling tonalities saturate the melody.

    The harmonics possess a lively bounciness that persists undaunted in these long-form compositions, and Remy makes excellent use of this upbeat ambience.
    A companion CD called Connected” exists

  3. Edgar Kogler

    By joining emotional melodies, with a certain melancholy, mysterious air, with elements from Synth-Pop and from a Space Sequencer Music with certain Analogic touches, Remy succeeds in creating a soundscape of a great beauty indeed. The music is very intense, with romantic and also solemn traits, yet without falling into an excessive sweetness.
    Although there are some slow passages, most of the music has a good rhythm, with a prevalence of the sequencers in the rhythmic structures.

    2004. Edgar Kogler

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