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Released: 2009 By AKH Records

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  1. Entering The Dream [11:53]
  2. Velocity [11:30]MP3 soundclip of Velocity [1:02]
  3. Lunascape [17:19]MP3 soundclip of Lunascape [1:02]
  4. Silent Conversations [8:02]
  5. Mirage [22:58]

Newly recorded version of selected tracks from Remy’s 1999 debut album

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2 reviews for Remy – EoD

  1. Artemi Pugachov / Russia

    For the tenth anniversary of his first album, Dutch synthesizer musician Remy Stroomer came up with something special. He decided to release a remastered selection of tracks from Exhibition of Dreams”

  2. Sylvain Lupari / Canada

    The musical universe of Remy is between Schulzian boldnesss and Indra romanticism. An exhilarating music, tinted of a strange melancholy which recalls the old French films, as well as the somber postwar art. Initially realized in 1999, as a double cd, Exhibition of Dreams is the very first Remy musical essay. Out of print since a long time, the label decided to celebrate this 10th anniversary with the publication of a single cd,(where Remy carefully chose to rework 5 titles), a complete remastered version and a special edition including this remastered version with a cd-r of the leftovers of this recording session.
    These last 2 items will see the day early in January 2010. So, in the waiting of those releases, Ill talk about these 5 tracks selection that made EoD. The result is a pleasant listening hour which shows us all the musical spheres of the Dutch synthesist.

    A soft Mellotron to fluty breaths waltz in suspension straight from Entering the Dreams opening. Already we seize the strangely romantic atmosphere which will ensue from this selection whom is EoD. A melodious opening, imprint of nostalgia, which flows on a harmonious sequential approach of which loops spread out under the delicate pulsations of a discreet bass. Between calm and tearing, the synth goes of pleasant ethereal approaches, as a lonely guitar which cries out its night-solitude. In middle-course, the sequence gets loose and borrows a more limpid sonority under a thunder of percussions of which the rolling, as well as the howling solo of synth, bring a determinedly more rock touch to Entering the Dream who continues to roam between hybrid rhythms, under hard-hitting drum strikes.
    Velocity carries well its title with his fast and sharp sequential opening. A minimalism approach which bubbles under great violin strata which hatch an ultra pace structure. Throughout its11 minutes, Velocity offers an oppressing rhythm, sometimes supported by percussions, sometimes by a wave-like bass structure. A stationary rhythm which gives a strange impression of being breathless, with its wild cadence and his unpredictable twitching, giving the feeling that we are trapped in a nightmare.
    Lunascape is a small jewel of ethereal romanticism. Doors creak to be open under a bewitching sequential spiral which swirls lasciviously around fluty breathes felted choirs and magnificent synth surges of an incredible tenderness. Impulses which float in a sphere where dream shapes awakened, beneath violin bows, soft striking of a sensual electronic drum and a synth to captivating solos. A magnificent title where we can feel the clear influence of Klaus Schulze and which progresses so delicately as its hypnotic pace.
    With Silent Conversation we penetrate into the mysterious zone of Exhibition of Dreams. Abandoned arpeggios float in a cosmic fixity before forming a sequential structure which vacillates on a soft rhythm. A sweet charming pace which soaks into a delicious cerebral mist, where crystal clear keys of a solitary keyboard are molding to old soundtracks so dark and so melancholic, that percussions and skin-tight bass line flood with a more punctuated rhythm.
    If the Schulzian influence perfumes EoD almost everywhere, it is on Mirage that she is made the most present. Without a shadow of doubt la pice de rsistance of EoD, Mirage is a long complex and finely worked title that begins with a sequence which hems such a prismatic cascade of which the echo is getting threatening and the tempo bubbling behind the striking of an incisive sequencer. Chords of acoustic guitar and a Mellotron to veils as much fluty as violined amplify more the Schulze influence (In Blue and Dreams), on a minimalism rhythm of which the approach progresses harmoniously well and permutes with subtlety to embrace several forms throughout this title in the unexpected musical outcomes. The weightiness of the drum striking, a synth at once sober and audacious due to its tortuous solos and a variety of rhythms which border as much the atonality as furious paces, make of Mirage a sonorous wonder which ends with a magnificent synthesized surge, harpooned by hard-hitting strikes and wrapped with stifling strata, plunging us into a sound universe where paranoia and schizophrenia are the meeting point of a surprising sound mirage.

    Sadly, I never had the chance to hear the original release of Exhibition of Dreams first release back in 99, on the other hand I discovered Remys music with the very inspired and inspiring Different Shades of Dust, released in 2004. I discovered an audacious artist, with a very progressive artistic approach, which is exactly the case with this special edition of Exhibition of Dreams, who contains pure marvels of a Berlin School EM style. Titles as Entering the Dream, Lunascapes and the very audacious Mirage are inescapable and reveal one of the big EM album of 2009.

    2010. Sylvain Lupari / Canada

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