Rene Splinter – Singularities

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Released: 2012 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Singularities
  2. Lucid Dreaming
  3. The Time Traveler
  4. Timescapes
  5. Lemniscate
  6. Before Babel
  7. The Lighthouse

We are proud that Rene brand new album is the first addition to the Groove Catalog. Check it out you will be amazed!!

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3 reviews for Rene Splinter – Singularities

  1. Paul Rijkens / The Netherlands

    Dutchman Ren Splinter is a new name on the Groove Unlimited label. But he is not unfamiliar to Groove, because he already gave a concert at the festival E-Day in 2011 which is organised every year by Ron Boots and his colleagues of Groove. Also, he donated three tracks to the special sampler that was released to celebrate that day. Next to this, Ren paid a contribution to the compilation-album Dutch Masters with a composition Singularities is his first album on Groove, after his earlier cds Almery and Transit Realities.

    On Singularities Ren invites the listeners to an expedition through all four dimensions and beyond. It is an album about time travelers, which we all are, weather we want it or not. Ren is a big fan of Tangerine Dream and that can be heard very well throughout the whole album. And where many electronic musicians choose to take TD from the seventies as a main source of inspiration, Ren has taken the TD-sound from the first half of the eighties and mixing this with his many own ideas into an excellent combination. The titletrack opens the album softly with atmospheric sounds and beautiful, Vangelis-like, solosounds. After this, rhythms fall in, and sequences that resemble TDs Logos enter the scene. One of the trademark TD-sounds from the mentioned period, were the crystal clear and totally unique sounds from the PPG Wave computers. Ren also uses these quite often, like in Lucid Dreaming. A track like The Time Traveler could easily have come from one of TDs many soundtracks from that time, including the brass and drumsounds. There is an amount of melancholy in Rens music, which we can hear in Timescapes. One of the best pieces from Singularities is Before Babel where he shows his more reflective side, using a piano and great ambiences. The piano returns on the last track The Lighthouse which well be called the highlight of the album. This is also a track that could be part of a movie. The solo is also great. It is almost if Johannes Schmoelling plays the solo himself!

    With Singularities Ren shows that he is a great musician and composer. Listening to his music, you wished the years had been standing still for almost thirty years. It is a long time ago but that time can be brought back through Ren’s music. So, a time traveller Ren is indeed.

    2012. Paul Rijkens / The Netherlands

  2. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    Ive always been in love with the Tangerine Dream sound Rene Splinter creates with each of his releases. And his latest album Singularities is no exception!. The album will indulge you in a serene world of electronic music that WILL leave you breathless for a long time, and make you beg for more of the same. The music that Rene creates is always leaning towards classic 80’s sequencing electronic music. And with this album he certainly have eclipsed himself. Each and every track has that stunning melodic and fresh feel to it, and all of the tracks on this album progresses through in great harmony and with some of the very best sequencing Ive heard in ages!.

    The opening track Singularities has to be one of my favorites. It starts out in a moody yet uplifting way, with some soft melodic synth pads, which later builds up in a slow moving way with more sequencing and powerful grooves added to it as the track progresses through. The best part of this track is after the 8 or 9 minute mark, as all of the ingredients are all there and really pushes Renes magical touch to the limit!. Superb powerful and moving EM of the highest order is what we have here!. Talk about ear bliss!
    Other highly notable tracks are Timescapes and The Time Traveller. These tracks are marvelous melodic pieces from start to finish. Both tracks has that truly awesome and infectious sound of the mid 80’s. Think Tangerine Dream and the music from soundtracks such as Firestarter and Heartbreakers and this is what you will hear!. Personally, Im a big fan of the Firestarter soundtrack, so I was very pleased to hear these tracks, along with The Lighthouse, which is yet another remarkable piece that will leave you breathless without question.

    Now, all this said, I seriously have to admit that Singularities is easily one of the best synth albums Ive ever listened to, with the exception of David Helpling & Jon Jenkins album The Crossing (2010). Highly recommend album to any fan of quality EM of the highest order!. Epic ear bliss!

    2012. Kristian Persson / Sweden

  3. Stefan Erbe / Germany

    Wer den Niederlnder Rene Splinter (noch) nicht kennt und seinen aktuellen Silberling in die Schublade des CD-Players legt, wird sich wundern und nochmal stirnrunzelnd die CD-Hlle nach einer der fhrenden Berliner EM-Bands absuchen. Aber weit gefehlt, was so traditionell nach TD klingt ist das perfekte Ergebnis einer Stilweiterfhrung, mit denen die Ursprungs-Altmeister Anfang/ Mitte der 90er aufgehrt haben. Wahrscheinlich htte man damals Rene gleich von der Bhne weg in die ehrfrchtigen Reihen der Mandarinentrumer” “rein-engagiert”

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