Rene van der Wouden – Universal quiet


Released: 2008 By Rene van der Wouden

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  1. In Silence [11:04]MP3 soundclip of In silence [3:00]
  2. Pin Drop [17:44]
  3. Be Quiet [10:42]
  4. Go Quiet [9:46]
  5. Get Quieter [9:41]

Retro, Berliner Schule, progressive LAST COPIES

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5 reviews for Rene van der Wouden – Universal quiet

  1. Jeroen / The Netherlands

    Just as I wrote earlier about Sequential Tourism its retro German electronic music elements, this album goes even further on that principle. In fact, this is retro music I like very much but not as copied as such of the German pioneers.

    The 5 tracks of a total of about 60 minutes take you back in the cosmical realms of the seventies but with a wink to the nighties of this century. I don’t have to say to which and whom I have to refer to.Ok I won’t brag about my joyment of this album any longer. I hope they play it soon somewhere so each and every one is able to listen, hear and judge it yourself.

    What I do find a pity is the bad availability of this album. It took some time to find a copy.

    2011. Jeroen / The Netherlands

  2. Jon T. Maett / Sweden

    This is absolutely a stunning piece of music which I bought as a download some weeks ago. The sequences are simple, but so powerful and so analogue. The Mellotrons (I presume it comes from a sampler) sound if they are inside your room, very present, breathtaking and sometimes frightening.
    Listen to the openingstrack which is for me one of the most convincing Mellotron tracks I have heard. The music is described as retro, but I constantly have the feeling that it is not dated at all. I have got almost all albums of Rene, and this is truly the best up to now. He has a very personal style which is hard to be found these days in the music business. The overall sound is powerful, mature and sometimes a bit headstrong. It is like he is kicking against walls.

    The best tracks are In Silence” (SUPER) and “Be Quiet” with “Go Quiet” as a good second. “Pin Drop” is synthsounding horror in a respectful sense. And “Get Quieter” is a perfect closing titles.

    2008. Jon T. Maett / Sweden

  3. Stephan Schelle / Deutschland

    Der Niederlnder Ren van der Wouden ist in der Elektronikszene kein unbeschriebenes Blatt mehr, hat er doch schon seit dem Jahr 2000 einige Verffentlichungen vorzuweisen. Sein neuestes Werk nennt sich Universal Quiet und bewegt sich im Umfeld der Berliner Schule” der 70er Jahre und dem Stil seines Landsmannes Ron Boots. Ob Rens Musik auf den vorangegangenen Alben hnlich klingt

  4. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Universal Quiet features five lengthy tracks firmly rooted in the Berlin school style. Though the titles and cover art suggest soft, possibly even acoustic music, the album explore purely synthetic realms.

    In Silence” starts as a nice floater before a bass sequence gets going

  5. Dylan / NL

    Dit is echt een briljante CD. Muziek zoals dat van Schulze uit zijn vroege jaren. Lekker analoog en goeie sequences. Dit is wat wij als em fans willen toch?

    2009. Dylan / NL

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