Rene van der Wouden – Zeppelins! There they go


Released: 2011 By Rene van der Wouden

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  1. Zeppelins! There they go – [17:23]
  2. Hydrogen – [18:06]
  3. Transatlantic Flights – [12:43]
  4. Moving Forwards – [9:13]
  5. The Liquid Haze – [14:23]
  6. Kompass – [6:08]

Great new album by Rene v.d. Wouden

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1 review for Rene van der Wouden – Zeppelins! There they go

  1. Antonio Lombardo / Italy

    This is an excellent album!! Very uplifting and oldschool Berlin School electronics referring to the German artists of the EM-genre. I think Ren van der Wouden is one of the most convincing EM-artists today. While he is definitely inspired by the old school sound, he also has his own unique style. This album may be compared with the excellent track on the Dutch Masters album. Just like Groove announces it in their selling list: A great (new) album by Ren van der Wouden. This is electronic music from the Netherlands like we are used to and expect. It seems like that the Dutch artists are leading in electronic music today and Ren is certainly no exception.

    2012. Antonio Lombardo / Italy

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