Ricochet Gathering – Mojave 2003


Released: 2004 By Victor J. Rek

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    CD #1

  1. Alluvial Elements Pt. 1 [16:57]MP3 soundclip of Alluvial elements pt. 1 [3:00]
  2. Desert Train Pt. 2 [11:53]
  3. Alluvial Elements Pt. 3 [14:31]
  4. Departure from the Mojave Plane [9:58]
  5. Horizon Memories [17:38]
  6. Nipton Meditation [8:23]
    CD #2

  1. Searchlight [10:24]
  2. Mojave Dreams [10:38]
  3. 220V Koenig (Ololiuqui Dreams) [8:18]
  4. Electric Yucca [11:23]
  5. 110V Kanzler [8:59]
  6. Linda’s Ghost [11:56]
  7. Curse-Chill [7:14]
  8. Interstate-15 [10:25]

Spyra, FSP, AirSculpture, Star Sounds Orch, Lawler ++

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Weight 150 g

2 x CD


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1 review for Ricochet Gathering – Mojave 2003

  1. Mal Smith / UK

    This is the most incredible album I’ve ever listened to.
    Cd 1 is a superb cd to listen to whilst reading books like Scott Of the Antartic, Shackleton, touching the void and any other explorer/wilderness/mountain climbing type books.
    You really get a feel for the landscapes and survival of the explorers in these books by listening to this music.
    I never tire of listening to cd 1 and its very hard to put into words the texture and feel that this music provides.
    Horizon memories blows my mind and if ever they remake Scott of the antarctic then this music would make a superb soundtrack.
    I must have played CD 1 over 50 times whilst reading the coldest march, captain Scott by Ranulph Fiennes, touching the void,and now Shackleton and I never tire of it.This is music to read to and sends you to the wilderness you read about and sends shivers down your spine.
    Track 8 Nipton meditation is so sad as you imagine Scott, Oates ,Bowers and Wilson dying in there tent during the blizzards.It tugs your heart strings and the music as you hooked.
    Cd 2 I cant quite get into as its very different from cd 1 but ill keep playing it and see how I go.
    2004. (Mal Smith)

    Well its October 2006 and still I never tire of this Album.
    I play it weekly and it still moves me and makes me feel good.I now enjoy taking long walks into the wilderness whilst listening to this album on my mp3 player.
    Horizon memories as a superb driving beat that as so many hooks and melodies that you just cannot help but feel good listening to it.I wish I could describe this music better and put into words how good this album is.
    2006. (Mal)

    October 2008 and im still enjoying this album and play it most weeks.

    2008. Mal Smith / UK

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