Robert Fox – Short stories


Released: 2011 By AD Music

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  1. Chapter 1. Arabian Nights [7:22]
  2. Chapter 2. Lady in the Lake [6:44]MP3 soundclip of Lady of the lake [0:45]
  3. Chapter 3. Soldier Blue [6:45]
  4. Chapter 4. Prescription for Murder [6:47]MP3 soundclip of Prescription for murder [0:30]
  5. Chapter 5. Khan [7:09]
  6. Chapter 6. Rifles of Senora Carrar, [4:33]
  7. Chapter 7. Gypsy [6:28]MP3 soundclip of Gypsy [0:35]
  8. Chapter 8. Icarus [9:36]
  9. Chapter 9. The Velvet Hour [8:01]
  10. Chapter 10. Homeward [6:30]

Thematic, varied, melodic and gorgeously reflective throughout, while containing a drifting quality not usually associated with his grandiose style

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Following the traces of his theatrical work Adonai, released in 2008, Robert Fox continues to navigate on the cliffs of a film music soaked with strong poignant and dramatic currents. Short Stories is a musical collection of 10 stories which crossed ages and especially myths and legends. Stories of peace and wars, where the poetry of an Arab world binds itself in latent rhythms which eventually are exploding with all the intensity of the clanic and orchestral arrangements which ennoble the depth. Faithful to his immensely lyrical approaches, Robert Fox weaves a wonderful melodic universe where the piano, the acoustic guitar and the lines of synth sing along with fine angelic Middle East voices on structures which recall the influences of Vangelis for the English multi-instrumentalist.

    Chapter 1: Arabian Nights” reflects the whole ambience of serenity which criss-crosses these chapters made of stories sometimes violent. A soft angelic voice molded in the melancholic dreams of the Middle East chants on synth lines which float in lunar drift. Poetic

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