Robert Fox – Timeless


Released: 2005 By AD Music

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  1. Thundering Water (Niagra)
  2. Queen of Hearts
  3. 3 Sisters
  4. FourSixZeroMP3 soundclip of Foursixzero [0:58]
  5. Over Turquoise Seas
  6. Water Music
  7. Heavens GateMP3 soundclip of Heavens gate [0:58]
  8. And all shall be Well
  9. Brother Earth
  10. Angel
  11. Half heard in the stillness
  12. Somewhere out there
  13. White Man Dreaming
  14. Moving OnMP3 soundclip of Moving on [0:55]
  15. Ascension

‘best of’ 1991-2005

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2 reviews for Robert Fox – Timeless

  1. Steve Roberts

    I remember the first time I heard Robert Fox‘s music. It was his debut release ‘Asfafa’ (1991), represented here by ‘Over Turquoise Seas’, and it left a lasting impression on me.
    At last a British musician had created a melodic, grandiose sound on a scale to rival Vangelis, yet the composer’s own identity shone through like a beacon. Now, nearly 15 years later, just before the release of his tenth solo album, ‘Timeless’ is a welcome compilation of carefully selected tracks from an impressive canon.

    Drawing musical inspiration from personal experiences such as travelling to Australia, Robert has produced enduring classics such as ‘White Man Dreaming’ and a personal favorite, ‘3 Sisters’ from 1993’s ‘Blue Mountain Suite’.
    Further excursions to Canada, and study of the native legends surrounding Niagara Falls, inspired the album ‘A Gathering of Spirits’(1994) from which the opening cut ‘Thundering Water(Niagara)’ and ‘Moving On’ have been taken. The latter is a good example of the composer refining his musical template with increasing sophistication and skill.
    Another key influence on Robert’s music has been classic Literature. ‘The Fire and the Rose’ (1991) was inspired by T.S. Elliot’s ‘Four Quartets’ and, sadly, by the death of his first wife and is represented here by the majestic ‘And All Shall Be Well’.
    ‘Underworld’ (2002) was a soundtrack composed for the Mikrokosmos Theatre Company’s production of ‘Faustus’ and revealed deeper and darker dimensions to Robert’s music and ‘Angel’ clearly demonstrates the increasing range and maturity of Robert’s sound.
    ‘Brother Earth’ from ‘Into the Light’ (1997) reveals a more spiritual side, deploying ethnic textures whilst ‘Somewhere Out There’ aptly demonstrates the composer’s ability to produce music to inspire and uplift the listener in equal measure.
    ‘Heaven’s Gate’ is taken from the proposed 1998 release ‘The stuff of Dreams’ which finally appeared in 2000 as part of the collaborative project ‘Blue’ and is another fine example of Robert’s uncanny gift for producing memorable anthems.
    The critically acclaimed ‘Talking Heads’ (2000) is well represented by the excellent ‘FourSixZero’, ‘Water Music’ and the magnificent ‘Queen of Hearts’, a melody of such outstanding quality that it has quickly become a firm fan’s favorite.
    Robert Fox‘s work, as ‘Timeless’ clearly demonstrates, bears favourable comparison to the very best the genre has produced simply because his music is so consistently inspiring. His vision has remained constant, to produce evocative, high quality, melodic electronic music but he has continually refined his distinctive sound and with increasing subtlety produced music of enduring quality.
    For the uninitiated, ‘Timeless’ is the best possible introduction to Robert Fox‘s impressive discography but it also serves as an excellent retrospective on a distinguished career and a timely appraisal of the master craftsman’s oeuvre.
    The final cut, an exclusive edit of ‘Ascension’, is taken from Robert’s forthcoming album ‘Maya’ and is further evidence of the increasing maturity and evolution of his trademark sound.

    ‘Timeless’ stands up as an exceptional collection but there is more to come and I will continue to follow Robert Fox‘s career, along with his faithful followers, with keen anticipation.

    2005. Steve Roberts

  2. Ben Gillham / Wales

    Robert Fox‘ Previous Solo album Maya I thought was just stunning, it has a truly unique style and timbre. Definitely his best album to date, I’m sure there’s a lot more to come from Robert Fox.
    I cried after listening to this album through it has a lot of emotion and depth which I haven’t heard from any other artist in the genre!

    2006. Ben Gillham / Wales

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