Robert Fox – Touching the serpents tail


Released: 2007 By AD Music

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  1. EarthMP3 soundclip of Earth [0:32]
  2. Another Time, Another Place
  3. The Serpent’s Sweet Song
  4. Weaver of Chance
  5. Strange Voices in Ancient Tongues
  6. Flying FreeMP3 soundclip of Flying free [0:38]
  7. Of a Time Gone By
  8. Above the Still Waters
  9. The Serpent’s TailMP3 soundclip of Serpent`s tail [0:31]

Drifting synth passages, moody melodies, and great rhythmic parts

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3 reviews for Robert Fox – Touching the serpents tail

  1. Glenn Folkvord

    The first album in 2007 from AD Music is the 12th album from the UK artist and Code Indigo member. Normally, this genre of music should be a perfect cup of tea for me; broad structures, beautiful harmonies, space chords, floating effects, melodic themes.

    The album is filled with that, and as agenre entry the album is spot on. However, in spite of how much as I like this genre, the problem with this particular album is that it’s too light and sweet for my taste. We are well into electronic music easy listening territory, with a sound design that is safe and traditional (though technically perfect), and melodies and arrangements that rarely challenge your expectations of the genre, or as an album.
    The second track, and the first important track of the album, Another Time, Another Place is a good example of the whole album; it has a nice and friendly piano theme but it’s impact is a little weak and soft for my taste. It also includes a electronic saxophone / trumpet interlude which seems misplaced, as I am not sure what the sound tries to emulate and only gives me cheap vibes.
    Working my way through the album, I continued to hope that Robert Fox‘s obvious talents would break out and save the day, but on track 5 – Strange Voices in Ancient Tongues – chanting monks arrive and that is no longer exotic, innovative or hypnotically relaxing in my neighborhood. While comfortably produced, my first reaction was oh no

  2. mike richards / u.k.

    I’ve been listening to Robert Fox‘s music since 1993. Ten years ago he released ‘Into The Light’ an amazing album but, it introduced that horrendous sax sample described above.
    Obviously he must like the sound because his albums have been swamped with it since.I agree 100% with the review above,the cd opens in fantastic style with a massive chords screaming from the speakers. Unfortunately, halfway through track 2 arrives the sax/trumpet sample which sounds completely out of context.

    2007. mike richards / u.k.

  3. Robert Fox

    What goes around comes around… the saying goes…..and indeed it does! 1995 saw the release of album number 3 – A Gathering of Spirits which derived its inspiration from an earlier trip to Canada. The same trip unwittingly provided the inspiration for Touching the Serpent’s Tail”

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