Robert Julian Horky – Apolys


Released: 2001 By Seagull

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1-Ouranos (God Of Sky) 6:00
2-Artemis (Goddess Of Wild Beasts And Hunting) 4:28
3-Metis (Goddess Of Thoughts) 4:39
4-Aphrodite (Goddess Of Love And Beauty) 3:15
5-Hephaistos (The Lame Smith, God Of Fire) 4:18
6-Eirene (Goddess Of Peace) 5:45
7-Apollon (God Of Light, Arts, Prophecy, Healing) 6:45
8-Poseidon (God Of The Sea, Earth Shaker) 9:49
9-Eos (Aurora, Goddess Of Sunrise) 3:17
10-Athena (Warlike Goddess Of Wisdom) 8:40

Composed By, Recorded By, Mastered By, Producer, Performer, Clavinet – Robert Julian Horky
Cover – Peter Charles Nezval

The reconstruction of the old-Greek music scales has been the work of Kathleen Schlesinger.
Julian sounds alive these almost unknown scales through this music for quiet moments.
He guides us into unknown spaces of sound and transfers a feeling for the cultural heritage
of the ancient Greece from a new perspective.

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