Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord – Stalker


Released: 1995 By Hearts of Space

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  1. Elemental Trigger [6:07]
  2. Synergistic Perceptions [11:04]
  3. Hidden Refuge [9:36]
  4. Delusion Fields [9:31]
  5. Omnipresent Boundary [15:01]
  6. Undulating Terrain [5:35]
  7. A Point Of No Return [11:29]

Scary, moody stuff

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1 review for Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord – Stalker

  1. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music / Russia

    His 1995 album with Lustmord Stalker is considered one of the staples of Dark Ambient sound. This is really scary, moody stuff. Don’t listen to this before going to bed. The only thing I couldn’t get into was Robert’s flute playing on one of the tracks with it’s ethnic sounding overtones, which for me sounds a bit out of place on this work.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind flute sounds on ethnic or World themed albums, it’s just that it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of material on Stalker. But maybe that’s just me, you have to listen to it yourself and decide whether you like it or not.

    Overall, this is really great stuff, so it’s highly recommended.

    2003. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music / Russia

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