Robert Rich – Echo of small things


Released: 2005 By Soundscape Productions

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  1. Pathways [9:36]MP3 soundclip of Pathways [2:09]
  2. Fences [4:57]
  3. Circle Unwound [9:00]MP3 soundclip of Circle Unwound [1:44]
  4. Passing Terrain [6:09]
  5. Glint in Her Eyes [6:25]
  6. Scent of Night Jasmine [9:09]MP3 soundclip of Scent of night jasmine [1:40]
  7. Summer Thunder [4:27]
  8. Hollow Rings Longer [5:19]
  9. Weightless Morning [6:12]

Emotional soundscapes

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  1. Bill Binkelman / Wind and Wire

    Okay, just go ahead and color me awestruck” by this latest effort from Robert Rich. I thought Calling Down the Sky was a great immersive textural ambient experience (and it is)

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