Robert Rich – Nest


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  1. Memories of Wandering, Pt 1 [5:03]
  2. Memories of Wandering, Pt 2 [3:59]
  3. Seeking Eden [8:06]
  4. Moss Carpet, Sky Blanket [7:01]
  5. Generosity of Solitude, Pt 1 [8:03]
  6. Generosity of Solitude, Pt 2 [11:12]
  7. The Gate Is Open [8:38]
  8. Memories Of Home [13:50]

Brand new album by Robert Rich

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2 reviews for Robert Rich – Nest

  1. Richard Grtler / Bratislava, Slovakia

    This album was firstly announced by Robert Rich on his website at the end of August and by his words it reminded him the place he was about 30 years ago when recording works like Trances/Drones” or “Inner Landscapes”. My jaws dropped immediately

  2. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Nest is the last sound testimony of a tiny world in perpetual procreation signed Robert Rich. The lightning strike for the subject of his last opus came during his Australian tour of the beginning of 2012 when Robert Rich was the witness of a luxuriant tree-dwelling animal fauna which was born and swarmed beneath the diverse singings from a variety of orchestras of invertebrates. These singings of cicadas and tree frogs as well as the surrounding noises of a jungle in full awakening furnish the wandering melodies and the sweet contemplative atmospheres that are structuring Nest.

    Noises of branches, chirping and whistled singings of exotic birds awake Memories of Wandering

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