Robert Rich – Rainforest


Released: 1989 By Hearts of Space

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  1. Mbira [4:11]
  2. Rainforest Suite: Forest Dreams of Bach [5:45]
  3. Rainforest Suite: Drumsong [4:41]
  4. Rainforest Suite: Surface [5:54]
  5. Sanctuary [6:24]MP3 soundclip of Sanctuary [3:00]
  6. Temple of Eyes [5:19]
  7. The Raining Room [6:51]
  8. Veil of Mist [10:38]
  9. A Passage in Bronze [3:30]

A polyrhythmic, electroacoustic journey

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  1. Robert Rich

    The seed for Rainforest was planted while traveling through the heavily forested American Northwest, a region magnificent in its wild wet beauty, yet a painful reminder of the ravages of mankind. Seeing the scars of strip-cut lumbering gave me a visceral understanding of the ongoing deforestation of the planet. I felt a sharp sadness, a longing for Eden. I wanted to communicate this yearning through my music.

    For me, the yearning for a world of lush physical beauty is a manifestation of a deeper yearning, an intuitive recognition of a very elusive Necessity. A thing of beauty can show us a Unity more lasting than the relative truths of our daily lives. By recognizing this Unity, we can strive to approve it and understand it. Rainforest” is about this yearning

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