Robert Schroeder – 30 years after


Released: 2009 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. 30 Years Before [2:15]
  2. Hypnotics [8:11]
  3. All You Can Dream [9:52]
  4. Modifiers [7:43]
  5. Let It Flow [5:04]
  6. Destination Galactica [8:35]MP3 soundclip of Destination galactica [1:20]
  7. A New Message [11:20]
  8. Mood Control [14:24]
  9. 30 Years After [8:25]

Crossing the sounds and atmospheres of once with the current options

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4 reviews for Robert Schroeder – 30 years after

  1. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    If you like EM and want an album that is full of different aspects of the EM ‘scene’, then look no further. This album really got it all, everything ranging from strong sequencer ‘hooks’ to more upbeat and rhythmic styles that reminds me a bit of ‘Brainwork’ actually.

    This CD contains a highly versatile mix of dynamic synth tunes that will appeal to fans of the good old Berlin School style from the late 70’s and early 80’s. There are no fillers on this CD, the whole disc is full of extraordinary surprises throughout, but the real highlight is, to be honest, the track ‘Mood Control’. A track that really stands out from the rest, and also a track that has some of most gorgeous flowing sequencers/synth sounds you simply can’t afford to miss. Don’t hesitate… Go out there.. and… buy it! Highly Recommended!

    2009. Kristian Persson / Sweden

  2. Roberto Vales / Ultima Fronteira

    Nos presenta el nuevo trabajo de uno de los nombres clsicos de la msica electrnica dentro de la Escuela Berln, Ambient, Chill Out,… estamos hablando de Robert Schroeder.
    30 Years After” ttulo que conmemora los 30 aos de la publicacin del primer trabajo de Robert Schroeder

  3. Erwin Broers / Belgium

    Listening to this CD, nothing – except the first seconds of the first track – reminded me of the early years of Robert Schroeder‘s career.
    This album is just plain chill/lounge music, although very well done I have to admit. Some tracks wouldn’t even be out of place in an X-rated movie ! So DON’T buy this album if you are longing for stuff like Galaxie Cygnus A, Double Fantasy or Harmonic Ascendant.

    2010. Erwin Broers / Belgium

  4. DL

    This album might sound like a compilation but apart from on the first track it contains all new music. It celebrates 30 years since his debut release.

    An absolutely gorgeous piano and electric guitar combination get 30 Years Before underway then Robert introduces the concept with music from his first album Harmonic Ascendant in the background.
    Hypnotics follows on with subtle drums and gorgeous swelling pads. A superb electric guitar type lead is used sparingly with a piano motif and various other melodies weaving round the central structure. What an exquisite track.
    All You Can Dream gets into a head nodding rhythm with more gorgeous pads and a delicate echoing acoustic guitar loop drifting through the air. Sound samples are used from time to time which I dont think are really necessary, as this is a beautiful track without them but some might find them quite humorous.
    Modifiers has a sort of heartbeat quality before more driving rhythms and whooshing effects propel us forward. Its a superb track with real attitude and brooding intensity. A very subtle piano melody can be heard low in the mix which is answered by stabbing lead and more fizzing effects.
    Let it Flow has a rather cool stuttering beginning like awakening from a deep sleep, having a dreamy quality throughout, a silken lead adding to the tranquil atmos.
    Destination Galactica is much more ominous until a Berlin School style sequence with tron backing break through. A foot tapping rhythm strikes up and five note melody bounces above it all. Syncopated flourishes add to the excitement. Things become even more intense as further blistering leads hit the spot perfectly, the mellotron swelling in response.
    Peace descends once more with A New Message. It has a lovely moody start and continues to develop into the most exquisite number with delicate melodies that uplift the soul and are full of positive vibes. The sounds chosen are just perfect and the delicate uncluttered production is spot on.
    Mood Control is initially all swirling and gently syncopated, indeed it becomes rather hypnotic. A bouncy sequence nestles in the middle of the mix. From about the half way mark all structure dissolves and we enter a swirling psychedelic brew. Just lie back and chill.
    The title track brings the album to an end. Its all gently rhythmic with mellow lead and sighing ethereal pads.

    2010. DL

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