Robert Schroeder – Brain voyager


Released: 1985 By Robert Schroeder

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  1. Brain Voyager
  2. Lost Humanity
  3. Frozen Breath Of Life
  4. Invisible Danger
  5. Glucksgedanken
  6. Love Symphonie
  7. Slaves Of Civilization
  8. The Inside Of Feelings

Film score for keyboards and synths with occasional acoustic guitar lines

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3 reviews for Robert Schroeder – Brain voyager

  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Brain Voyager is a music which accompanies a movie 3D project pulled out from a Ludwig Tieck’s novel; Lebens berfluss. To do it, Robert Schroeder used a technology called Aachen-Art-Head which consists in installing a microphone in the head of a dummy, giving thus a claustrophobic sound endowed of a surprising transparency. The result is surprising! Digging in the melancholic approaches of Harmonic Ascendant, Robert Schroeder delivers an opus tinted of an unequalled romanticism. This album, that the Hi-Fi magazine voted as the best audio reference in 1986, is a pure delight for audiophiles as well as fans of the Aachens synth wizard.

    The title-track opens with a beautiful ballad where an acoustic guitar courts the pensive notes of an elegant piano. We are in full Harmonic Ascendant lands with an approach full of sadness that we listen the eyes riveted on a window by a rainy day. Discreet, the synths add a musical dress just and sober which breathes into Brain Voyager” a sad melodious approach which will resurface in “Glcksgedanken”

  2. Allmusic

    Ever since Brain Voyager was released in 1985 it has remained a favorite.

    Its smooth, unfettered electronic keyboard style washes over your mind in pastel waves of aqua and lavender. Sequencer-driven cruisers give way to choral splendor on Glcksgedanken

  3. Mike G

    The Brain Voyager album is a film score for keyboards and synths with occasional acoustic guitar lines. It’s a solid collection of ambient-leaning pop-friendly tunes; full-blooded arrangements and clean sounds but understated and reflective too, just like Tangerine Dream‘s best 80’s film soundtracks.

    2010. Mike G

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