Robert Schroeder – D.MO VOL. 3


Released: 2012 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. The Meaning Of Time [6:09]
  2. Soft And Lovely [4:00]
  3. Wonderland [5:18]
  4. Passing Landscapes [5:40]
  5. Santo Domingo [7:59]
  6. Higher Than High [6:24]
  7. DreamSpacer [7:34]
  8. Met Mr. Miller [5:35]
  9. Emotional [10:27]
  10. Tragedian Of Love [4:43]

Robert searched his treasure box and indeed found some jewels from the good old time. If you listen to the music you can not believe that these works have been produced during 1981-1991

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Here is another rendezvous with time that the fans of Robert Schroeder are always expecting with impatience. From Paradise to Driftin’, D. MO Vol. 3 overflies an era where Robert Schroeder was looking to perfect some new sound textures on his robotic rhythms. Symmetric rhythms well arched on hybrid sequences which mix their rhythms with percussions to tones as much of lead as silk. Melodies! They always flow with this harmonious ease into stunning innovative sound paintings. Avant-gardist, the synthesist of Aachen has always looked to exploit the maximal capacities of his synths and sequencers with a marigold of the detail for his rhythmic and melodious structures. If his musical visions tended to get away from the roots of pure Berlin School, he implanted on the other hand a new dimension to EM which was going to facilitate the emergence of a cloud of new comers in the mid 80s. D. MO Vol. 3 is the front door into this universe that the pur ists have sulked at that time and who gradually start to enjoy by the music of artists exactly influenced by the approach of this precursor of rhythms and sequences. Its like being in the entrance hall after having taken the back door.

    Nostalgic, the meditative intro of The Meaning of Time” shakes its musing with percussions of which the light hopping strikings frame twisted reverberations to let filter a soft lunar lullaby which sometimes croons in our head and sometimes roams in a cosmos streaked by galactic gases. Supple

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