Robert Schroeder – Flavour of the Past


Released: 2015 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. Story – Final [10:37]
  2. Sax [5:14]
  3. Big [8:00]
  4. Just A Love [4:25]
  5. Quick [3:16]
  6. Galactic [4:55]
  7. Beat3:27
  8. Sound4:08
  9. Polarisation6:16
  10. 0Diamond [4:36]
  11. Final Legacy – [9:35]
  12. Sounds & [4:42]

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Very prolific since his comeback in 2005, Robert Schroeder publishes his works like a dying person who is in a hurry to liquidate his legacy. The D.M.O. series, 30 Years After and Paradise 2014 are only examples of compilations of old unpublished titles which are put in the order of day or remixed titles that the synthsiste of Aachen has offered through a regular production of totally new music. But this time Flavour Of The Past offers a little something different. It’s a collection of titles which appeared around the 85 years or so, and which have disappeared in the spiral of time. Music, for the greater part, that we have found in video games, in advertisements for computing equipment or electronic music gear and in diverse compilations which have disappeared since moons. And who says 84 to 86 years says also hurdy-gurdies tones and it’s doubtless the key point of this album which throws us literally 30 years behind. Some people will like, others a little less. But no matter, this sound document demonstrates all of Robert Schroeder’s indispensability in the evolution of EM.

    And that begins with the sharp whistlings and the parasitic noises of the video games of that era which decorate the long intro of Die Story Der Final Legacy”. Flavors

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