Robert Schroeder – New frequencies vol.2


Released: 2012 By Robert Schroeder

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  1. Hold Me [.6:11]
  2. Close Your Eyes.. [9:45]
  3. Ladies & Gentlemen.. [5:21]
  4. Lonely Heart [.7:53]
  5. Northern [.9:57]
  6. Skyscrapers.. [.8:40]
  7. Electric Music.. [7:17]
  8. Du Du DuDn [.8:28]
  9. Use Your Brain.. [.5:01]

An extreme work, very diverse, sophisticated synthesizer and sequencer arrangements and overall an exceptional quality in composition and production sound – a non-prescription antidepressants

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Robert Schroeder is the kind of artist that it’s necessary to know how to tame by surmounting the barrier of prejudices in consideration of the musical genre. And from then on our ears are opening to a luxurious musical world decorated by a stunning and rich sound fauna which amazes every time a lost chord nests inside our ears. This is what happened to me while discovering Sphereware, Taste It, New Frequencies Vol 1 and this last volume of the fearless musical adventures of the magician of Aachens. Robert Schroeder’s wonderful musical world is misleading. The synth wizard and sound designer of an EM which is astride more than a universe of paradoxes likes challenging the limits of the conventionalism by realizing albums which alternate constantly between the mid-tempo, lounge and cosmic rock while transcending the comfort of the easy rhythms of a synth-pop disinfected by a commercial approach. New Frequencies Vol 2 is a land of rhythms w ith tropical aromas encircled by a magnificent musical environment where the robotics voices la Kraftwerk are scraping some heavy bass lines to make turn pale New Order.

    One of these bass lines displays its echoing notes which resound in a universe of electronic cotton, while an angelic voice and a robotics vocoder whisper in a cloud of hesitating chords which furnish the cosmic intro of Hold Me”. The rhythm falls a little after the 1st minute and “Hold Me” plunges us straight into this heterogeneous mixture of futuristic poetry where the artificial voices flirt with synth harmonies on rhythms as much suggestive as abstract

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