Robert Schroeder – New frequencies vol.3


Released: 2012 By Robert Schroeder

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  1. 1. Moving Lights [4:28]
  2. 2. Life Streams [5:04]
  3. 3. When I Think [6:08]
  4. 4. Time Transfer [7:22]
  5. 5. Around The World [6:46]
  6. 6. Space Horses [6:57]
  7. 7. Upspace Dreams [8:13]
  8. 8. My Baby [6:19]
  9. 9. Faces [5:16]
  10. 10. House Music

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    First of all, give credit where credit is due! Robert Schroeder is a studio beast always on the lookout for a constructive and innovative idea that makes or/and will make progress the world of EM, especially in the style of dance music. This time, he takes us back to his highly stylized EDM universe with the third part of his NEW FREQUENCIES series. Some 8 years after the second part of this series devoted to dance music, our friend Robert still finds new ways to polarize the fruits of his new musical textures on rhythms set on fire by avalanches of percussion and a mixture of digital and analog sequences in a festival of sound effects, new as old ones, where it’s better to hear the ears free of headphones in order to seize the unique dimension. The massive use of brass and vocals, both ethereal and true vocals, adds a futuristic Groove & Funk dimension to the whole of nEW Frequencies Vol. 3 which starts rather soberly.

    With a good elec tronic rock spiced up by an entrance of shattering percussions and radioactive clouds which propagate their effects until the funky approach of the sequencer. Juicy keys hobble zigzagging through snatches of voice and percussions in mode ska beat. A bass line restructures the approach of Moving Lights” into a very lively rhythm which is well supported by other but soberer percussions. The orchestral arrangements offer a good trio of trumpeters and saxophonists while the voices are the business of a Diva always colorful and whose image of that in The Fifth Element movie cannot be taken off my mind. The musical and sound texture is as rich and diverse as our ears may wish. Sober and half-dressed of sonic artifices

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