Robert Schroeder – Timewaves


Released: 1986 By Robert Schroeder

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  1. The Turn Of A Dream [7:52]
  2. Waveshape Attack [3:24]
  3. Waveshape [7:55]
  4. Waveshape Decay [2:49]
  5. Love And Emotion [10:47]
  6. The Message [18:07]
  7. Imagine [4:34]
  8. Flowmotion [4:50]

Third-best album of 1987. Various styles: from meditation through soundscapes, soft electronics and synthi pop rhythms

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    For quite a few fans and critics of EM, TimeWaves is the transition album in Robert Schroder’s career. An album where the aromas of a fascinating and ear-catching Berlin School are slightly brushing an approach more commercial in a form of synth-pop a bit funky. If the result may surprise and at the limit disappoints some of his fans, a more deepen listening will reveal that this 8th opus of Schroder hides 2 wonderful jewels which gnaw more than the half of 60 minutes of this last edition of TimeWaves that Robert Schroder offers with a more detailed and enhanced sound quality, giving justice to an album where the ambiences and the rhythms are carefully coated from this electronic fauna of thousand astral contrasts.

    An artless harmonious line with a light reedy bouquet opens the innocent approach of The Turn of a Dream”. A lascivious bass line unfolds its rumbling chords which wave hypocritically on a carpet of ethereal choirs while that some other lost synth chords come to stroll and ring

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