Roedelius & Alquimia – Move & resonate


Released: 1999 By Prudence

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  1. Voces de mi tierra [14:37]

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1 review for Roedelius & Alquimia – Move & resonate

  1. Eduardo Fontana

    This album is the meeting between Hans-Joachim Roedelius, German pioneer of the electronic avant garde, and Alquimia, a versatile Mexican artist who has explored the possibilities of synthesizers as well as those of her voice in various innovative projects.
    This unusual collaboration between them both has resulted in a likewise remarkable CD. There are melodic passages of a great emotional strength, which could be defined as a fusion of Atmospheric Pop and World Music.
    And among them both, others of a mysterious, even dreary character coexist, with a slow development and a structure ranging from Ambient to mystic ritual music.
    Alquimia‘s voice, which she herself processes electronically in various ways, turns out to be unearthly at times, and very much earthly in other occasions, perfectly fitting with the electronic textures and exotic atmospheres.

    1999. Eduardo Fontana

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