Roedelius – Diary of the unforgotten (Selbstportrait VI)


Released: 1973 By Bureau B

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  1. Remember Those Days [5:57]
  2. Frohgemut [5:18]
  3. Du [3:13]
  4. Sch�ner Abend [4:48]
  5. Ausgewahlt [4:56]
  6. Manono [3:59]
  7. Ampfer [2:26]
  8. The Diary Of The Unforgotten [3:38]
  9. Hommage Á Forst [24:04]
  10. Weg [2:35]

The Diary of The Unforgotten. Pastoral synth bliss to exquisite solo piano recordings. Essential for fans of Cluster/Harmonia/Eno

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1 review for Roedelius – Diary of the unforgotten (Selbstportrait VI)

  1. Roedelius

    At the end of the days sessions, I would sit in our small, makeshift ground floor studio almost every night. With the window open in summer, I could hear the ducks quacking on the river, the horses snorting and the cows mooing on the meadows across the water the wind rustling through the leaves of old elm and oak trees on the riverbank behind the house. This set the scene for my first self-portraits, as well as providing the basis for the subsequent studio productions Lustwandel, Jardinau Fou, Gift of the Moment, Momenti Felici, Fortress of Love, Frhling, Variey of Moods, Quando Adonde, and other albums which, in a way, could also be seen as self-portraits.Every track on the album is a distant echo from the Forst era. Even today!

    2010. Roedelius

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