Roedelius – Gift of the moment


Released: 1984 By Bureau B

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  1. Gift of the Moment [4:21]
  2. Adieu Quichotte [5:49]
  3. Troubadour [5:19]
  4. Little Flower Somewhere [2:13]
  5. Continuously [3:55]
  6. Time Regained [2:02]
  7. To be free of Yearning [5:01]
  8. Mellowness [3:44]
  9. Day by Day [4:35]
  10. At the foot of the mountain by the lakeside [6:43]
  11. Roots of Joy [3:28]

Romantic electronic music, with in some cases melancholy pieces

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  1. Tonal Bride

    There is room for ambivalence when it comes to Roedelius solo work, and yet, this album delivers in a consistent and well crafted way from beginning to end. Its probably my favorite of his solo releases, with its confident and poetic stride.

    In addition to giving the acoustic piano, cello, and violin lead billing to the synth (its here, just not front and center), this record includes one of the most profoundly beautiful Roedelius tracks ever written, Wurzeln des Glcks (Roots of Joy).” The naturalism and Germanic sun-dappled forest-dweller vibe on this track is a dreamy addition to the smattering of Roedelius tunes found on his other records

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