Roedelius – Roedeliusweg


Released: 2000 By Prudence

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  1. Blueblut [7:57]
  2. Stridekid [7:47]
  3. Spoonwhere [5:07]
  4. Onlike [5:00]
  5. Queerishism [7:01]
  6. Seasonic [4:16]
  7. Filewaltzen [5:44]
  8. Herdmaker [5:40]
  9. Winlane [8:03]
  10. Cheerweed [6:18]

Dreamy electronics

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  1. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity

    This release from 2000 features 63 minutes of dreamy electronic music.

    Roedelius‘ versatile keyboards are augmented by guitar by Fabio Capanni and Eric Spitzer-Marlyn.
    True to form, Roedelius‘ music exemplifies a crystalline nature, glistening and sparkling in even the darkest environment. His delicate electronics capture a softness and inject a strong humanity to the artificiality inherent in synthesizer music. Yet here, there is a subtle difference, as he explores the grooves of younger generations, flavoring his tuneage with pep and swing. The tracks exhibit a freshness that displays itself through up tempo applications and catchy melodies.
    Imagine sedate ambience that frequently strays into livelier terrain. While never going as far as overt Techno, the tunes flourish with energy and tasty riffs. Rhythms wobble like toy robots marching along the walls, while the music twinkles with a classical undercurrent that is filtered through a congenial sense of understated pop. Pleasant harmonies unfurl with commodious ease, only to find themselves boosted into alternative zones by rising beats and unexpected effects.
    The presence of guitars lends a strange grit to some of the tracks. Searing notes indulge in controlled feedback, producing an edginess that is remarkably enthralling.

    Truly an exciting new direction for the man who co-founded Cluster and pioneered the genre of modern electronic music.

    2004. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity

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