Roedelius – Snapshot/Sidesteps


Released: 2007 By Psychonavigation

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  1. Seiichi SuzukiAd Honorem (Go For) [8:01]MP3 soundclip of Ad honorem (Suzuki) [1:00]
  2. George Taylor & FratellisBelvedere (Go On) [4:06]
  3. Patrick Pulsinger & Werner DafeldeckerClaire Obscure (Go Across) [11:35]
  4. Haeyoung Kim and Nikos ArvanitisDynamo (Go In With) [11:15]
  5. Alex Paterson & Thomas FehlmannElektrum (Go Past) [5:07]MP3 soundclip of Elektrum (Paterson/Fehlmann) [1:00]
  6. Werner MoebiusFait Accompli (Go Through) [3:03]
  7. Alec Way & Eric BonerzGusto (Go Around) [3:29]
  8. Timothy O’KeefeHoc Volo (Go Up) [8:16]
  9. David BickleyIn Natura (Go Along) [5:33]MP3 soundclip of In natura (Bickley) [1:00]
  10. Fabio CapanniJuste Milieu (Go There) [6:41]

With collaborations between The Orb, Patrick Pulsinger, Alec Way, Haeyoung Kim, Fratelli Brothers and others OVERSTOCK PRICE REDUCTION

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