Ron Boots – Ante Oculos

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Released: 2011 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Ad Temporum sidelines.
  2. Xenophobes and other weirdos!!
  3. Ante Oculos – (Ron Boots and Jamie O’Callaghan)
  4. Can we predict ? part 1
  5. Can we predict ? part 2
  6. The Sorrow remains of things that past. Ron Boots and Frank Dorittke
  7. Sole Novum

2012, the year of change? the Mayan and Nostradamus prophecies, are they right? Will we see the end of times. No one knows. Lets hope Humanity is embraced by the cosmic winds and carried further on.

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2 reviews for Ron Boots – Ante Oculos

  1. Bert Strolenberg/

    The album Ante Oculus (For Eyes) was released on the occasion of the Bochum planetarium concert by Ron Boots and friends in December 2011. The six tracks offers a lush and atmospheric blend of contemporary electronic music graced by the Rons familiar musical trademark. In its own way, it breaks away from the global sense of negativism, fear and many doom scenarios suggested for humanity and the end of time. The sonic speech of Ante Oculus creates a welcome sense of comfort, freedom and hope to positively re-charge peoples attitude and mind towards the complex and constantly changing world that surrounds us. Along the ride, the spacious and dreamy music is spiced with subtle rhythms and percussion, and nicely blends with Jamie OCallaghans sensitive violin playing on the title track. Im particularly fascinated by almost surreal and tranquil spheres that unfold on the two-part Can we Predict?, the second part being more up-beat but still rather loungy.
    Guitarist Frank Dorittke joins Ron on the track The Sorrow remains of things that Past, giving the music an energizing, sparkling vibe.
    But thats not all, as theres a hidden piece (Sole Novum) found at the tail of the album: this could have been an encore of a concert, making things settle down at ease.

    All in all, Ante Oculus makes Rons second sonic detachment from worldly affairs, a kind of cross-over electronic ambient with similarities to the music of MorPheuSz debut concert.

    2012. Bert Strolenberg/

  2. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    According to Mayas and Nostradamus prophecies, 2012 should be a year apocalyptic events which would signified he end of the world. Other groups, as much alarmist as philosophic, predict that 2012 would be a year of great climatic upheavals and transitions which will drag the world and its inhabitants towards a major awareness already undertaken in 2011. Immensely poetic and introspective, Ante Oculos rests in a very beautiful artwork to pastel colors where a fairy draws circles of life on an earth which seems virgin. Did Ron Boots lose hope? However his last opus is weaved in the veins of a universe which looks for itself and which is afraid. Always so musical, Ron Boots lays a very lyrical concept album where EM goes alongside to a progressive approach with a zest of melancholy and apprehension. Ante Oculos is a superb album with intense, moving and powerful passages where the reflection brushes the passion and which moves us closer to our values while questioning us about the future prospects of our planet.

    Be on a boat and split the water with the purity of the winds. Thats the impression which rocks us when that limpid synth waves are crisscrossing beneath the lost notes of acoustic guitar. Ad Temporum Sidelines” falls in the ear as a superb electroacoustic ballad where soft riffs of an acoustic six-strings scribble a sylvan melody under choirs of mist and arpeggios streaming with transparency

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