Ron Boots – Current

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Released: 1997 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Current part 1 [16:10]MP3 soundclip of Current [3:00]
  2. Ambiguity [9:21]
  3. Below Paradise (Current part 2) [9:20]
  4. Close Call [11:21]MP3 soundclip of Close call [3:00]
  5. Alignment [8:59]
  6. Reciprocal [10:30]MP3 soundclip of Reciprocal [3:00]
  7. Smiles [5:00]

Great sequences as only he can make them

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4 reviews for Ron Boots – Current

  1. Martin Hoegee / NL

    Meesterwerk van Ron. Heerlijke nummers zoals Close Call” met een repeterende sound die je blijft pakken.
    Uitspatter is “Smiles” wat ik werkelijk een geniaal nummer vindt

  2. Dominique / Switzerland

    I stumbled over Ron and his Current” completely by accident and it resonated instantly with my imagination. All the CD is OK

  3. Bert Strolenberg

    With this CD we head again for an intruiging trip into sound. Vast soundscapes blend perfectly with exiting sequencerlines and soundeffects, this time digging deeper in the style set by hir former album Screaming Whispers”.

    1997. Bert Strolenberg

  4. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Although Current, Ron Boots‘s 16th album, dates of a dozen years, it aged very well. Its a powerful album with heavy rhythmic structures whose are in constants permutations. A work that shows above all the impact of the Dutch synthesist on the evolution of contemporary Berlin School EM. A very good album filled with rhythms sometimes neurotic, sometimes hypnotic where the harmonies cut themselves a dreamlike place.

    Current (Part I) starts the ball with brief intriguing whispers. Quietly the epic title installs its basis with a sequencer which skips nervously, accompanied with a discreet fluty synth. Without losing time, Ron Boots manipulates rhythms, adding a line of bass which farandole curtly on a more alive sequencer and a synth to notes sickly tinkled, drawing a fascinating melody which turns around a constantly evolving structure. The tempo is weighty, especially with those unctuous layers which wrap this melody who looks like a hypnotic nursery rhyme. Subtly, the rhythm becomes more circular on crossed sequences and a heavier synth which dive into an atmospheric universe where everything is in slow motion and hesitating. An atonal sound universe, with magnificent synthesized layers, which wakes up on a sequencer to heavy gallop and a synth which skips with more strength. Current (Part 1) is aiming towards a superb cavorting Berlin School, with good drum strikes and solos which emphasizing as much the rhythmic cadence as the sound acuteness.
    A very good fiery musical piece, quite as Below Paradise (Current Part 2), which is even heavier, more rhythmical and explosive suite.
    After a heavy and slightly variegated atmospheric intro, Ambiguity is animating on a floating bass line and a synth to reverberating circles, which pill up on another on with short spectral breaths. The structure gets speeding up with electric drums which lay out a semi disco pace with bursts which collide in an electronic universe furthermore syncretic.
    Alignment is our first atmospheric rendezvous. A loud track which feeds on its reverberations and which has difficulty in hiding a synth thus solos bore finely this load atmosphere. Without noticing it too much, a drum settles a lascivious cadence forming a sensual tempo. A pace which revolves around a synth with more forthright solos, felted by discreet choirs.
    Close Call starts sharp. Percussions on sequences to hopping and light chords, Close Call winds around a synth to atmospheric pads where strange voices multiply behind a slow rhythm, which increases constantly its pace with shimmering chords on a waltzing synth.
    Reciprocal begins with a thunderstorm and a line of bass which blows a slow tempo. Tinkled notes drop multi- sound prisms, under a fine reverberating layer, while the tempo is forming on a hesitating structure. A nervous rhythm, to hatched movement, prisoner of an almost atonal and hypnotic musical stillness on a distant lyrical synth and fine scattered percussions. A beautiful title of a cosmic sweetness, which contains beautiful crystalline tones on a beautiful synth, strangely nervous.
    Smiles is a short energetic track with a whistling synth and a nervous sequencer, ideal for dance floor.

    2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

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