Ron Boots – Derby!

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Released: 2009 By Groove Unlimited


  1. A half hour of the wolf [10:44]
  2. Howling Whispers [11:00]
  3. Giants in the Derby Sky [7:25]MP3 soundclip of Giants in the Derby sky [3:00]
  4. Reattachment of Worldly affairs [9:02]
  5. Acoustic Shadows [6:30]
  6. Canyon [7:30]MP3 soundclip of Canyon [3:00]
  7. Battle of the Somme [10:02]
  8. A storm in the Guildhall [8:34]MP3 soundclip of A storm in the Guildhall [3:00]
  9. Tainted bare skin at the International [7:56]

With Harold van der Heijden and FD.Project

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  1. Martin Carson / England

    I have just recieved this great cd and I must say it is fantastic. Me and my father went to Derby’s Guildhall to witness this concert,and we weren’t disapointed.

    2010. Martin Carson / England

  2. Paul Rijkens

    In the many years Dutchman Ron Boots is active in the world of electronic music, he has given numerous concerts. As always, he is accompanied by great musicians who bring something extra and special to his music. Derby!” is recorded live at the Derby Guildhall in the United Kingdom on the afternoon of September 5th 2009. The album came out at E-Live 2009 which was held at October 17th

  3. Sylvain Lupari

    Ron Boots concert is always a high quality musical event. The Dutch synthesist knows how to surrounds himself with very good musicians, of whom his inseparable friend and drummer Harold van der Heijden who strikes its skins with the surgical precision of a Harald Grosskopf. For this live event presented at the 2009 AD Electronic Music festival on September 05th, 2009, Ron Boots had appointed the services of the German guitarist Frank Dorittke adding thus a more rock, jazz and progressive depth in an already very well colored music.

    Derby! starts quite slowly, with ethereal hazes which introduce A Half Hour of the Wolf from See Beyond Times And Look Beyond Words opus. A sweet vaporous intro where lost keys float while sparkling, under a sky streaked with howling tearings and a synth to oscillating waves which blow its solitary harmonies of its forlorn choirs. Slowly the structure takes life under fine starry breezes which remind the cosmic moments of Schulze, just before it explodes under an avalanche of furious percussions and a synth with twisted solos, calling back even more the Schulze / Grosskopf period on Body Love.
    Explosive and cosmic, quite as Battle of the Somme who spins on a very similar structure, but with a more caustic rhythmic bass.
    Howling Whispers follows with a sweet and mellotronned fluty intro which fights with undisciplined percussions. A serene opening which livens up slightly under distant riffs of a guitar which we have difficulty in guessing, while maintaining its fluty approach in a static sound universe, but rushed by heavy drum pulsations and guitar riffs that we hear clearly now. A six-strings that squabbles with a synth to virulent solos in a cosmic sound universe where Harold van der Heijden percussions beat constantly an infernal pace, diving in the heart of a rock more progressive than cosmic which leans on FD incisive riffs.
    Giants in the Derby Sky brings back rhythm in a more bluesy proportion with FD Project excellent guitar from which gets out heavy sensual solos beneath percussions punctuated with robust strikings. A superb track that has a lot of emotions and sensibility, which is also on last Boots CD, and which is closer to progressive music zones that electronic, quite as the jazzy and very rock A Storm in the Guildhall.
    The intro of Reattachment of Worldly Affairs hops delicately on a sweet sequence linked to a tinkled xylophone. A sweet opening to make you dreamy and which pulses on a heavier sequential approach of which resonances mould into tsitt-tsitt cymbals, forewarning of a more steady beat with guitar and synth solos rowing the intense atmosphere which rolls up the finale.
    Acoustic Shadows brings a thin dramatic touch to this event with a misty intro which oscillates between the mysteries of Pink Floyd and the slow reverberations of a guitar magnificently poetic. Ron Boots explicit narration on the nature of the acoustic shadows is broken by a magnificent synth solo which mixes its expressions of grief to Dorittke inspired guitar who takes advantage of the opening to dive into the jerky rhythms of Canyon; a title molded in riffs and solos of a guitar as incisive as stunning. We would believe hearing some Ashra so much it is delicious and dreamlike.
    Hesitating rhythm under a synth to Vangelis pads, Tainted Bare Skin at the International encloses this live capitation on a bouncy staccato sequence bitten by a dreamy guitar and a keyboard to shuddering and suction pads chords. Another title of Ron Boots catalogue which gains a new life thankfully to a good rhythmic bass, great percussions playing and a biting guitar which facilitates spinning synth surges in a conclusion which already making us regret the ending of this concert.

    Derby! is an inescapable for 2009. Sure its a live album, a sort of greatest hits if we may say, but an album where the music of Ron Boots takes a new shape. A new phase stimulated by FD Project guitar which leads Boots compositions in a more rock and progressive universe than purely electronic.
    Space rock at his best performed by an excellent trio of musicians. And what else is to add about Harold van der Heijden drumming? Brilliant! He unifies his genius strikings to Ron Boots skillful synth play which multiplies solos and melancholic layers on sequences which mould rhythmic not so convenient for a drummer to equal.
    In brief, Derby! is an excellent opus which will please for sure the fans of Ron Boots, but also the fans of space and progressive rock.

    2009. Sylvain Lupari

  4. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

    This disc documents live performance of Ron Boots and friends in England.

    It opens with A Half Hour of the Wolf” which is a remake of the track known from “See Beyond Times…” disc. Soft arpeggios

  5. Roberto Vales / Ultima Fronteira

    El sello holands Groove Unlimited nos vuelve a deleitar con un nuevo trabajo de su fundador Ron Boots, acompaado en esta ocasin de Frank Dorittke (Project FD) y de Harold van der Heijden, el ttulo de esta obra es Derby!”
    “Derby!” no es un trabajo ms en la carrera de este prolfico compositor

  6. Jeff Wouters / Belgium

    If the new years concert is as good or even better than this release, we’re in for a treat. Derby is fantastic, Ron’s music doesn’t need any sidekicks but I have to say that Frank’s guitar play is blending in perfectly with Ron’s tracks.
    Just love this live version of Tainted bare skin”.
    Oh Harold

  7. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Ron Boots live albums are some of my favorites, and Derby!” is no exception. Joined this time by Frank Dorittke and Harold van der Heijden

  8. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion

    Early September 2009, Ron Boots travelled to Derby in the UK, accompanied by his faithful drummer and best friend Harold van der Heijden and Mr F.D. ProjectFrank Dorittke to perform a concert at David Wrights festival.

    And what a dynamic happening it must have been

  9. Robert Hamel / Canada

    This CD reminds me that almost 30 years ago, when I first discovered electronic music, I hoped of finding an album of music on which I could hear a blend of percussions, spacey synth sounds and powerful electric guitar riffs and solos. I would have called such music nuclear music”. Well

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