Ron Boots – FantaMagic 2005

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Released: 2005 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Different Stories (live) [13:44]
  2. Felagund [7:25]
  3. Opus Dei [6:04]MP3 soundclip of Opus dei [3:00]
  4. Grainy Tempel [9:08]
  5. Thinuviel [6:06]MP3 soundclip of Thinuviel [3:00]
  6. Tainted bare skin (live) [12:06]
  7. Gaelic Gothic [5:30]MP3 soundclip of Gaelic gothic [3:00]

3 ‘known’ and 4 new tracks

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5 reviews for Ron Boots – FantaMagic 2005

  1. Marco Smit / The Netherlands

    This music is stunning, i love the combination enchanting with electronics. This album proofs again that Ron Boots can play every sound he wants, again is the music clean and pure. Sometimes you must make an another step in electronics and this albums show the skills of Ron Boots. I am very happy with this music and i hope that Ron Boots makes an electronic cd with an gospel choir like Rick Wakeman did. Ron thanks for this music.

    2014. Marco Smit / The Netherlands

  2. James Harral / USA

    I think the music on this album is enchanting – almost otherworldly – or somehow a journey back into the Middle Ages. Bravo Ron for more brilliant music!!

    2011. James Harral / USA

  3. Harry Housley

    The first track of Fanta Magic is an absolute masterpiece as far as I’m concerned. It radiates everything that EM is about, perfectly, not to mention the impeccable sound quality! Bravo!!!!!

    2005. Harry Housley

  4. Sylvia Sommerfeld / Germany

    Hab gerad erst in deine FANTA MAGIC reinhren knnen, bin absolut begeistert. Vor allem die Different Stories live” – megaklasse!
    Natrlich ein Muss fr meine TraumKlang-Sendung. Gemeinsam mit “Opus Dei” Airplays garantiert am 10.01.06. – Thank you for that great music!

    2005. Sylvia Sommerfeld / Germany

  5. Geoffrey Keogh / Australia/ Ireland

    Ron, is that the Our Father prayer in My own native language (Irish). I was very impressed by the different approach to it. Over all its a good cross section of Rons music. Like it very much. It also have a very clear sound with nice sequences throughout.

    2005. Geoffrey Keogh / Australia/ Ireland

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