Rudolf Heimann – Strange delight


Released: 1994 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. Brainflight
  2. Silent Clouds
  3. At The Lake
  4. The 7th Dream
  5. Strange Delight
  6. Listen To The Wind
  7. Stairway To Eternity
  8. Unknown Destination
  9. Kamasutra
  10. Midnight Drive
  11. Little Girls Won’t Understand
  12. Naked Lunch

New Age and electronics

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5 reviews for Rudolf Heimann – Strange delight

  1. Klangwelt Musik

    The influence of New Age and electronic is dominant but you have also influences of Rock and Pop Music.

    1992. Klangwelt Musik

  2. KLEM Magazine

    Accessible electronic music complemented with some accoustic instruments.

    1992. KLEM Magazine

  3. Waves

    The arrangement is well-rounded, the rhythms do fit well, the solo and lead keyboard lines are completely well done. Rudolf Heimann knows his business.

    1993. Waves

  4. SI Magazine

    A special positive vibration…

    1992. SI Magazine

  5. Keyboards

    He joins his clear-cut melodies and sometimes rocking rhythms together to seven exciting instrumentals.

    1991. Keyboards

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