Rudy Adrian – Concerts in the USA

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Released: 2003 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Japanese garden [4:50]
    Portland, Oregon
  2. The Donner Pass Rail Corridor [13:25]MP3 soundclip of The Donner Pass Rail Corridor [3:00]
    Sierra Nevada, California
  3. Rocks and Junipers [6:04]MP3 soundclip of Rocks and Junipers [3:00]
    Arches National Park, Utah
  4. Alpine Meadow [12:03]MP3 soundclip of Alpine Meadow [3:00]
    Rocky Mountains, Colorado
  5. Island of Pirates [12:08]
    Deleware River, Pennsylvania
  6. Evening’s Last Sequence [8:00]
    The Gathering, Philadelphia
  7. Turqoise Drift [5:31]
    Deunedin, New Zealand

Live music from his 2002 tour

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7 reviews for Rudy Adrian – Concerts in the USA

  1. Paul Rijkens

    Rudy Adrian keeps on surprising the listener with his excellent blend of retro-electronic music and ambient soundscapes. In the USA, people now also had the opportunity of seeing this special musician live because he toured there in 2002. The result, Concerts in the USA”

  2. Mike V. / U.S.

    Another fine release of music by Rudy once again. Great ambient atmospheres, and excellent sequences. The guy flat out is a synth wizard, without a doubt Rudy has alot of passion for his music, as you can listen for yourself.

    2003. Mike V. / U.S.

  3. Carl Jenkinson

    Like many instrumental keyboardists travelling has provided New Zealander Rudy Adrian with a rich source of inspiration. While the pieces here were played during his 2002 US tour (with help from various local musicians) this is not the straightforward live document the title might lead you to expect as the versions you hear on the album were actually re-recorded back in NZ under conditions as close to the gigs themselves as he could get, including the fact that each piece was 95% improvised. It might sound an odd way of doing things but hardly matters in the end as the inspirations and feelings behind the music still come through loud and clear.
    Adrian‘s music has always had that sequential base that is inspired by the German artists of the 70s but he has used this as a springboard to his own unique musical visions. In this case, this has been mixed with skillful use of varying sound sources that manage to bring the American wilderness to life.
    This is demonstrated by Donner Pass” which is quite appropriate given that it was originally played in the Sierra Nevada or the excellent “Rock and Junipers” where Native American samples back the totally modern synthetics to perfectly evoke the environment where the original concert took place (Arches National Park in Utah

  4. Jorge Munnshe

    This album gives us the wonderful opportunity to listen to the live music by Rudy Adrian. A series of performances that this composer gave in various cities of the United States during a mini-tour in the year 2002, are the basis for this CD, which gathers some of the best moments of a live event.
    In these concerts,where the artist played solo or with other musicians, we perceive all the basic traits of his style, although with an instrumental approach much simpler than in his studio recordings, which is due to the needs of live performances and to the premise that Rudy Adrian has of not resorting to pre-recorded or pre-programmed material when he plays live, as well as avoiding great ensembles of performers.
    The result of the experience reveals some little known aspects of the style of Rudy Adrian, and allows us to appreciate better his performing skills as well as the freshest, most vital aspects of his music.

    2003. Jorge Munnshe

  5. Bill Binkelman / WindandWire

    Following the example (either coincidentally or on purpose) of Steve Roach, who did much the same thing with his On This Planet release, New Zealand Rudy Adrian re-recorded the music from his recent concert tour of the US and has released these tracks as the album Concerts in the USA.
    Aiding thelistener in assimilating this as live” music are the liner note annotation of where the particular tracks (there are seven) were initially played (locations include Portland Oregon

  6. Matt Howarth

    This CD from 2003 features 62 minutes of live electronics recorded on New Zealander Adrian’s 2002 tour of the United States. Adrian’s electronic music tends to run on the atmospheric side, employing tranquil textures to create soundscapes of ambient demeanor. Although this profile fits many of the tracks on this live release, there are frequent instances of substance rising from the mysterious sonic mists. Passages of heavenly stature, lilting with a Vangelis flair, embellish the fragile compositions with tender melodies that evoke an intense longing and geological loneliness.

    As the music progresses, its ambient qualities become submerged in a density that employs livelier riffs and more stratospheric harmonies. Even when the tuneage reverts to more tranquilized terrain, the melodies carry a somber power that transcends their apparent serenity, stirring sentimental connections between the listener and their environment.

    Each track is culled from a different concert, defining location through a musical study of indigenous locales, as in the flutish portrait of Rock and Junipers” from the Arches National Park in Utah

  7. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    In September of 2002, Rudy Adrian performed several live concerts throughout the continental United States (most notably among them, his appearance in Philadelphia at The Gatherings Concert Series on 21 September 2002 followed by a live in-studio radio concert on STAR’S END). This ambitious tour took Rudy Adrian around the world” both in terms of literally circumnavigating the globe and in personal life experiences. It is often said that

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