Rudy Adrian – Par avion

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Released: 2007 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Par Avion [9:06]MP3 soundclip of Par avion [3:00]
  2. Bavarian Eagle [14:32]
  3. Across the Canyons [6:05]MP3 soundclip of Across the Canyons [3:00]
  4. Soaring Birds [10:43]
  5. Sore Birds [8:23]MP3 soundclip of Sore birds [3:00]
  6. Starfields II Part 1 [18:37]
  7. Starfields II Part 2 [11:16]

Sequencer sketches 4

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10 reviews for Rudy Adrian – Par avion

  1. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

    Petit dpaysement avec cet album puisquil nest pas frquent de voir un artiste no-zlandais dfrayer notre rubrique. Et ce nouvel opus est parfait pour dcouvrir les multiples facettes de Rudy ADRIAN puisque la plaque offre en fait deux albums en un.

    Les premires 48 minutes comportent les bonnes recettes de lcole de Berlin avec une entre en matire rveuse, soutenue par une narration mlancolique en franais, suivie dun Bavarian Eagle tout en squences schulziennes. Across the Canyons est lui une rencontre entre le boucles de Tangerine Dream et les sonorits spatiales de Vangelis, tandis Soaring Birds aurait pu tre crit par un Gandalf n en terre berlinoise. Sore Birds est lantithse du morceau douverture avec ses percussions mtalliques et ses sons de guitares distordues. Mais il clt intelligemment avant la seconde partie, suite des Sequencer Sketches vol.3, qui uvre plus dans un ambient vocateur de paysages diaphanes. Ici, point de squenceurs mais un enchanement dune demi-heure enfilant de longues sonorits qui vous emmnent pour un voyage dans une autre dimension.

    Le Kiwi a t bonne cole et ce nouvel album est parfait pour vous initier sa musique.

    2010. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

  2. Bruce Gall / Sunday Synth

    Try this. Play the album while watching clouds pass outside your window (if you can!)

    The music drifts. It’s so smooth. Just like the clouds. Having said that certain sections (the second part of Sore Birds” for example) really burst with energy. The last 2 pieces

  3. Sylvain Lupari / Canada

    Here is the last segment of the Sequencer Sketches series, where Rudy Adrian mixes his soft atmospheres with flexible sequential harmonies, on minimalisms and melodious structures. Without being a concept album, the synthesist from New Sealand begins and finishes Par Avion on an old screen of French cinema, with all the pastiches and sound effects we can stick to it, while revealing us his musical ambitions for the near future.

    It is with the noises of a postman on bicycle, who ride a path brightened by birds whistles that Par Avion opens. A woman is reading a letter, whereas the ambiance soaks in a floating pattern where synth modules an air of sadness and melancholy. Gradually, the tempo increases on a fine sequential movement at hypnotic rhythms, like a gliding beat in the middle of gimleting scratches and the chords of a lethargic guitar.
    A distant wind pushes the first moaning of Bavarian Eagle. Coated of a fluty tint, the movement modulates on a delicate wobbling with harmonious synths and a progressive tempo, which at each rotations end increases intensity. Beautiful solos strew this 1st part of Bavarian Eagle, with fine gimlets and a more alive sequence to eroding approaches. An excellent example of a migratory track, that draws its design in the claws of minimalism movements. Softly, rhythm slowed down to undertake a musical migration close to Klaus Schulzes Crystal Lake. A beautiful piece.
    Across the Canyons is as poetic as its title. A fine landscapes movement, like Steve Roach, flood of sound effects to metallic crumpling, around a synth to accentuate rotations and driven by the violence of its breaths.
    A soft harmonious piano drinks by short sips the space, mixing its chords with the guitar ones with the delicate softness of a synth that coats Soaring Bird with an ode to the Eastern spirits, supported by a sequencer to hypnotic movement. A track which possesses cascade rhythms, as the opening track, to completes its course in the serenity of Eolian wind.
    Sore Birds finishes Par Avion with a shadowy intro to heavy and threatening beats. Hidden by an acid wind and a tempo minimalism, a superb sequence with echotic gimlets remolds the structure, with a very rare aggressively from Rudy Adrian sequences. A great title bordering psychedelic and progressive electronics, with sharp-edged sonorities and distorted guitars, on voracious synth with destructive waves and a heavy sequencer, neurotic with eclectic percussions. The whole thing find his end in the room of our melancholic Frenchwoman, that only the songs of birds manage to collect a sign of life.
    Starfields II is a slow atmospheric rise that Rudy Adrian intends to explore a little more in his next compositions. A beautiful floating pad with very flexible modulations, that oscillates between the styles of Steve Roach and Michael Stearns. Without sequencer, this slow 30 minutes movement evolves with the likings of the synthetic breaths and landscape sonorities, which modulate in the creative imagination of Rudy Adrian.

    Par Avion depicts with wonder the union of the quiet atmospheres of Rudy Adrian to his sequencers approaches that have borders. Rudy Adrian embraces all the stages of tenderness and sorrow with the insanity and revolt. A beautiful musical history, where everyone is able to write his own story, his own scenario on these landscapes harmonies. A slightly complex musical world, but not enough to lose any interest at all.
    A beautiful way of discovering a contemporary artist who likes to explore all the facets of his music, freely, without chains that tied borders

    2007. Sylvain Lupari / Canada

  4. Scott Raymond / USA

    Rudy Adrian does some nice melodic music with sequencers. He’s truly a great talent.

    2007. Scott Raymond / USA

  5. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2007 offers 79 minutes of melodic atmospheric EM.
    New Zealander synthesist Adrian is joined by: voice-over on one track by Barbara Stone, while the Across the Canyons” piece is a collaboration with American synthesist Greg Kyryluk (aka Alpha Wave Movement).

    Delicate textures establish an aerial vantage for this tuneage

  6. Dene Bebbington / USA

    Par Avion is the latest release from New Zealand musician Rudy Adrian. This is my first introduction to his music which is predicated on exploring the tones and textures of synthesizer and other instruments. From the title I expected some kind of Berlin School workout, and so was surprised to discover an atmospheric album where the sequencing is restrained and fits well sonically with the rest of the music. Essentially this CD contains two albums. The first five tracks derive from recordings made for a live performance, and the remaining two tracks are the promised atmospheric half of Starfields: Sequencer Sketches 3.

    The title track Par Avion” opens up the album with the sound of human activity and birdsong. A woman’s voice speaking in French then comes in while golden notes and pads morph into a pleasant rhythmic section.
    There’s a slight Tangerine Dream feel to “Across the Canyons” where a mid-tempo sequence consorts with bold metallic washes and unobtrusive ones leaving a sheen across the backdrop.
    Air and flight is the focus of the first part of this album. Many of the sounds convey this sense of freedom of the moving through the sky

  7. Chuck van Zyl / Star’s End

    The major themes running through the work of Rudy Adrian are nature’s earthly majesty and the navigation of space. On Par Avion (78’45) Adrian adds a third dimension

  8. Paul Rijkens

    Rudy Adrian created the first 50 minutes for this cd for the internet radio shows Stars End” in the USA (hosted by Chuck van Zyl) and “Silent Running” in Luxembourg (hosted by Garston Klares).

  9. Mark Jenkins

    Rudy Adrian‘s a rare example of an antipodean keyboard artist – New Zealand based, he’s given performances in the USA and Luxembourg from where much of the material for this particular album was taken.

    Despite the subtitle Sequencer Sketches 4″

  10. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    The first five tracks of Par Avion, nearly 50 minutes, are the sequencer sketches, starting with the dreamy title track. A brief French soliloquy courtesy of Rudys good friend Barbara Stone adds a unique twist to his familiar synthesizer sounds. Soft in pacing and mood, this makes a beautiful opener. Also mellow is Bavarian Eagle”

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