Rudy Adrian – Woodlands

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Released: 2016 By MVD Music & Video Distrib

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1. Postcard From Karnak – 03:58
2. Deep Within Forbidden Mountains – 04:52
3. Fields in Evening Light – 05:47
4. Treetops – 05:13
5. Woodlands – 04:55
6. Moonrise – 04:02
7. Autumn in a Forest Glade – 06:04
8. Dancing Shadows – 02:26
9.Under a Sheltering Tree – 07:20
10.Hidden Pond – 04:11
11.Lantern Walk – 03:39
12.Stars Between Boughs – 09:09
13.Three Views of a Japanese Garden, Part 1 – 05:24

Woodlands is another inspired chapter in Rudy Adrian’s continuing exploration of atmospheric music. Once again influenced by the stunning natural spaces in his home country of New Zealand, Rudy has created a moving ambient impression of the wild forests and planted parks of Dunedin.

Woodlands offers thirteen deep and enchanting tracks that naturally continue the artistic thread from Rudy’s two previous releases, Atmospheres and Coastlines. Stirring atmospherics, natural ambiences and delicate synthscapes slowly evolve and drift through a forest of mystical moods and sacred spaces, creating a timeless work of textural electronic beauty.

The album is filled with the slowly evolving melodies, harmonically rich textures, subtle ambiences, otherworldly vocal effects, and sublime moments that listeners have come to expect from a Rudy Adrian album, and fans of Rudy’s previous works will also recognize the stunning baroque flute of Nick Prosser on the track “Deep Within Forbidden Mountains.”

Infused with the essence of wind, distant water, and the echoes of life, the mysterious music of Woodlands renders a deep and tranquil soundtrack; a serene reflection of long walks within wooded wonderlands where scattered light filters through the spreading boughs of forest trees.
released October 25, 2019

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  1. Bert Strolenberg –

    For me, the biggest part of “Woodlands” is a trip down memory lane and most familiar to my ears. About half of it consists of aural sketches Rudy originally created and intended for the 2002-album “Across the Silver River” (that ended up as a collaborative project with Ron Boots) he sent me on cd-r about a year before its release. So although Spotted Peccary refers to this music as a “remix”, they are actually an “alternative mix”. To these, Rudy composed about four new ambiences in early 2019 (two of them are live improvisations) to lend the whole project a feeling of being more among the trees. Well, the opening track already takes off with typical floating Adrian-soundscapes dressed with flashes of wordless singing, while the recognizable sound of Rudy’s trusted Yamaha SY77 shines clearly on the calm, tranquil recording with immersive power. “Treetops”, “Autumn in a Forest Glade” and “Dancing Shadows ” are exquisite textural pieces I wished lasted longer, something also applying to the fine title.
    Ratingtrack where gentle, mysterious realms transport the listener in a comfortable, alternate reality beyond. In addition, soft sparkling cosmic environs are explored on the 9-minute “Stars between boughs” found near the end of the album. If you cherish “Atmospheres” and “Coastlines”, getting the 67-minute “Woodlands” (that I rate between 3,5 and 4 stars) is simply a no-brainer I reckon.

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