Scamall – A world behind the silence


Released: 2009 By Ziemowit Poniatowski

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  1. OfflineMP3 soundclip of Offline [0:29]
  2. Warts and AllMP3 soundclip of Warts and all [0:30]
  3. Screaming TreesMP3 soundclip of Screaming trees [0:30]
  4. WrappedMP3 soundclip of Wrapped [0:30]
  5. Vanishing HazeMP3 soundclip of Vanishing haze [0:29]
  6. BrightMP3 soundclip of Bright [0:29]
  7. Before the Silence FallsMP3 soundclip of Before the silence falls [0:29]

Murky, grainy, ferric-crunchy ambient

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1 review for Scamall – A world behind the silence

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    A World Behind the Silence is another sound adventure coming from Poland. After Brunette Models the label introduces another artist, Scamall, with a rather particular vision of EM. Contrast and paradox of a world however melancholic, but highly abstract, A World behind the Silence is a true exploration of a world which does not have anything silencer. A complex sound universe where Scamall amalgamates with wonder pummeling metallic alloy and heteroclite sonorities moulded by sound samplings to an ambient music with a tender trickle melancholy.

    Offline begins this sound adventure with static noises absorptive by a metalized entity which intermingles on a linear movement, without really drawing a coherent musical structure. An intro presenting an album that mixes jagged and eroded sonorities by narrow scratched passages, a little as if we were cut from the universe by wave interferences, with long and slow ambient and sinuous passages poured in industrialized spheres.
    Anti-music or abstract art? Jakub Kmiec gets inspired by forsaken and afflicting places of Sweden and Ireland to create this sound homily for silence. But a silence constantly fractured of caustic sounds which gently pour towards tender passages where melancholy makes a hole in this opaque wall of triturated sounds.
    As on Warts and All where a beautiful meditative line encircles an intro as noisy as Offline. Linear, the movement resembles cardiac pulsations on a hatched line where deformed noises and incongruous sonorities sprinkle this sound horizon escapes from which fine piano notes. Its difficult to describe A World behind the Silence. The album is constantly torn between a strange synergy of metallic squealing and crackling which shorts-circuit strange melancholic softnesses as on Screaming Trees and the spectral procession of Wrapped.
    Vanishing Haze is a slow meditative track crossed by innumerable breaths of a metal coldness, where fine musical bits force in order to weave a melodious tapestry. Idem for Bright which is on the other hand more cordial, whereas Before the Silence Falls brings us in a surrealist paranoiac universe where the soft madness occults fine softnesses of an overwhelming human sadness on short breaks liven up by a hesitant tempo.

    In World behind the Silence is a curious exercise in styles. Jakub Kmiec visits abstract territories which will make the delights of Tetsu Inoue fans and certain titles of the FAX catalogue. As for me, it is not really my cup of tea. I quite liked this mixture of noises crushed and shredded by jaws with barbed wires teeth on long ambient and morphic music.
    But sometimes just of the music, without noises, would have been superbly delicious. For sound adventurers

    2010. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

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