Schmoelling & Waters – Zeit Concert


Released: 2019 By Viktoriapark Records

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  1. Zeit Zeit
  2. Going West
  3. Streethawk
  4. Electrified Bach
  5. Kneeplay No.9
  6. The Anteater
  7. Monochrome
  8. White Eagle
  9. Stigma


  10. Splendid Isolation
  11. Crying Elephant
  12. Matjora Is Still Alive
  13. Drop Anchor In Present Time
  14. Morning Walk
  15. Zero Gravity
  16. Time And Tide
  17. Tangram – Part 1
  18. Amitie
  19. Day Without

The Oirschot concert!

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DVD + 2 x CD



1 review for Schmoelling & Waters – Zeit Concert

  1. Alain LAMRI / FRANCE

    Ive just received almost at the same time ZEIT UNENDLICH and the big box of TD IN SEARCH OF HADES.

    It is a very interesting experience to listen to all these musics at the same time created at different periods of time (ZEIT) : we can measure all what Johannes brought to the sound of TD after the gothic period of the band we can listen to in the testament that is ISOH :

    Rich and warm melodies with classical touch but with also a lot of modernity in the sounds and (above all) evidence of high technical skills.

    ZEIT UNENDLICH recounts the epic tale of his rich musical life and I dont regret my purchase (thanks GROOVE) but what I really regret is not being able to attend this magical concert at Oirschot !

    This luxurious set with 2 CD plus 1 DVD of this magic event shows with the help of Robert Waters the great talent and the beautiful compositions of Johannes which is far away from what our ears must put u p every day with the boring and heavy noises from machine music!

    Undoubtedly Johannes Schmoelling is a master. Thank you again and I hope hell be able to delight our ears and brain for a ZEIT UNENDLICH !!!

    2019. Alain LAMRI / FRANCE

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