Simon Lomax – 5 Textures


Released: 2015 By Council of Nine

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1. If There’s Such A Thing As Nothing 08:38
2. Waiting For Sunrise 04:11
3. Sometimes I Disappear 09:34
4. An Echo, Unseen 07:04
5. To Find Stillness In The Waiting 06:21
6. 3 Hour Of Night (The 6th Texture) 05:18

With this his sixth full album, Simon Lomax’s 5 Textures again demonstrates the sound of an ever evolving artist, whilst retaining the best elements of his previous work. Using his favoured tools of samples, reverb, filters and echo, Lomax now takes command with highly processed guitar. Though an instrument he has played for over 25 years he only began his experimentations with the atmospheric potential of guitar on his last album, A Glimmer of Memory. Treated with masterful production the guitar becomes almost unrecognisable as an instrument at times sounding like a distant echo and at others more similar to a reverberant cathedral organ than a stringed instrument.

It would be true to say that Lomax takes broader brush strokes with this album, for example for the piece ‘3 Hours of Night’, creating the soundtrack based purely on the intensity of the burnt red sky he saw while flying into Helsinki late at night. This approach is perhaps in line with his recent Film and TV music successes; pieces that focus less on structure and more on describing perfectly a time, a place, a feeling.

released February 23, 2015

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