Simon Lomax – An Ember Glows / We Echo Endlessly (2CD)


Released: 2020 By Council of Nine

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CD 1. An Ember Glows 01:00:00
CD 2. We Echo Endlessly 59:58

Special limited edition (100 copies) double CD of Simon’s improvised live to air performances on Star’s End Radio in Philadelphia in 2015 and 2019.

What people are saying:

The internal temperature of Simon Lomax may measure a few degrees lower than that of the average person. Plotted, realized and delivered over the course of two late-night on-air sessions for STAR’S END his An Ember Glows/We Echo Endlessly is a real chiller for the mechanics of the mind. Halfway to a dream, these cool transmissions wandered the radio frequencies until reaching interested ears. Playing only to the night this double CD documents an exploration of textures, moods and memories. Sent touring through the airwaves the music is invariably subtle. Its sense of restless and ever-changing moods (rather than a single line of progression) projects isolated states.

The two common features of both sets on An Ember Glows/We Echo Endlessly are openness and clarity. As there are no conventional narrative patterns or cues it may be hard for the listener to establish a direction. But this is exactly what Lomax is striving for – there-ness that then becomes here-ness, as a scenic background might… more
released May 2, 2020

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