Simon Lomax – Notes From The Void, Vol. 1


Released: 2020 By Council of Nine

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1. Infinity 10:40
2. Shadow Thoughts 08:19
3. Precipice Of Cognition 07:50
4. Illusion Of Substance 08:59
5. Time Lapse 06:53
6. The Awakening Paradox 12:45

Towards the end of 2020 a friend and I were discussing my creative process. This friend has been a long term mentor having helped me develop my music learning system Music Skills.

I was interested to see how much more efficiently I could write music whilst still keeping the quality and depth, so we set upon an experiment. My friend would give me a title as a starting point and an ambitious deadline for each track in turn.

Over a 5 week period I learnt that my creative process benefits from considered bursts of focus away from distractions, and that occasionally I need a little more time to fully allow the musical ideas to develop. But overall it turns out I can write meaningful music far faster than I’d previously thought possible.

To my surprise the result is what I consider to be some of my best work. This forms the first volume of my new album series Notes from the Void – Volume 1. I hope you enjoy it.

released March 12, 2021

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