Simon Lomax – Notes From The Void, Vol. 2


Released: 2022 By Council of Nine

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1. – An Inner Resonance 07:38
2. – In Essence 10:14
3. – Fading Light On Spring Hill 06:46
4. – Each Coalescing Thought 08:01
5. – Above The Drift 07:22
6. – Until The Madness Subsides 09:59

“When I find myself creating some truly profound music it often feels more that the pieces already exist and that I am merely helping them to be shaped into form. Like capturing smoke in a glass – like summoning notes from the void”.

Here in the second instalment of the Notes From The Void series Simon explores this concept further with his signature deep and introspective sound.
Available now as a limited edition run of just 100 glass mastered CDs.

What people are saying
This recording is a second installment of imaginary, gently resonating and evolving soundscapes complementing the ambient journey released a year before. Melancholy and reflection already shine softly on opener “An Inner Resonance” and continues in a tad lighter mode on “In Essence”. Occasionally the textures become ethereal while dissolving briefly in a kind of vaporous mist as on “Fading Light on Spring Hill”, then taking off into wider, vaster, smooth rising and falling aural spaces as “Each Coalescing Thought” kicks in. “Above the Drift” sketches out a calm elevating ambience as we drift effortless up there. The melancholic slumber of “Until the Madness Subsides” rounds things out in a sedate manner. Same as the previous volume, only 100 factory-pressed CDs have been manufactured.

Bert Strolenberg – Sonic Immersion

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