Simon Lomax – These Tranquil Winds


Released: 2023 By Council of Nine

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1. – The Vastness Of It All / 09:04
2. – These Tranquil Winds / 09:37
3. – Primordial / 06:02
4. – The Memory Of Water / 08:14
5. – That Which Is Missing May Not Be Lost / 10:56

as previously mentioned on Simon’s website, humans have explored natural altered states of consciousness for thousands of years, through meditation, trance and plant medicines. It is often talked about how these transcendent experiences bring about a sense of expansiveness, peace, connectedness, time dilation and a quietening of your mind.

As his interest and research in to auditory soundscapes develops, the question arises, has this new album got even closer to those experiences or even stepped through?

From the dynamic and expansive opener “The Vastness Of It All”, the shimmering aural swim of “The Memory Of Water” to the glowing and reverberant echoes of the title track, Simon explores beautiful new sonic territory whilst drawing on his signature palette and rich production skill.

This is a special album that you are recommended to take your time to listen to with good headphones or a hi-resolution system to reveal all of its depth of layers.


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