Skoulaman – Dreaming of the future and reflecting the past


Released: 2014 By Hans van Kroonenburg

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  1. Dreaming of the future reflecting the past
  2. Without boundaries
  3. Sardegna coasts
  4. Islands in the ocean
  5. Arabian arp
  6. Orbital moves
  7. Voices of an analog
  8. Sardegna roads
  9. Far away worlds

Wonderful Electronic music in the 70’s style!!

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1 review for Skoulaman – Dreaming of the future and reflecting the past

  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    The magic of the social networks! It is by means of a video published by my good friend FB Rob Hartemink that I was interested in the universe of Skoulaman. A musician/synthesist who likes minimalist movements moved by echoes and reverberations, Skoulaman is part of this generation of new artists who are influenced by the analog EM from the 70’s. From Tomita to Jean Michel Jarre, including Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and even Mike Oldfield, the music of Skoulaman crosses its identity phases until Dreaming of the Future Reflecting the Past. A 4th album where the Berlin School style binds itself to an EM with a more contemporary essence. The fusion is great. The result is surprising of a freshness which resources of its old fragrances with a very cosmic approach where emerge and revolve patterns of rhythm to fine permutations. Chronicle of a very beautiful album which is going to exhilarate you until its last second, both by its movements of s e quences and its very lunar synth layers.

    Delicate arpeggios, molded in a little bit dark tints, skip delicately in the harmonies of a synth line perfumed of a fluty essence. From the first chords of Dreaming of the Future Reflecting the Past”

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