Son of Ohm – Electronic Muse


Released: 2018 By Synth Music Direct

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  1. Electronic Muse Part I [16:25]
  2. Electronic Muse Part II [9:16]
  3. Electronic Muse Part III [16:08]
  4. Electronic Muse Part IV [11:37]

Retro Berlin School in Schulze style

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Do you remember Adelbert Von Deyen? Of his first albums where the ambient rhythms used to rose and tumbled down dunes of sounds soaked in ether? It’s a little, very much, the ambiances of the second album of Son of Ohm to be have been released in 2018. A bit like Blackbirds, Electronic Muse was conceived in spontaneity. If the idea of a tone embalmed of iodine and ether and of a specific flow germinated in the head of Leonardo Soundweaver for a long time, it’s only after having designed this exact synth patch that Son of Ohm undertook the writing and recording of his 4th album which is available only in downloadable format. One week was enough for the mix, the effects of gliss overdubs and mastering so that in the end Electronic Muse offers a texture worthy of a good old ambient Berlin School.

    Distortion waves and electronic chirps illuminate the route of organ pads which open the ambient procession of Electronic Muse Part I”. We are in the cradle of the Berlin School of the Blackdance and the New Age of Earth years with this mist of ether that advances as the title eats the seconds of its time. Slow to develop

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