Spyra/Liese/Vikaluk – InSpyration III


Released: 2024 By Spyra Recording

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Release dat next weel 18th of May.

1. INSPYRATION III – (17:08)
2. Weeping Walls – (15:06)
3. Abprall – (9:33)
4. Aufprall – (13:51)
5. Tuman Yarom – (09:00)
6. Future of the Past – (07:43)
7. Encore (Not included on the CD but as download!) – (13:52)

On 24 June 2023, Hajo Liese, Wolfram Spyra and Roksana Vikaluk performed under the project name in[SPYRA]tion at the E-Circus Summer Edition in Borgholzhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia. As is easy to recognise, the project name is a play on words that includes the name Spyra. While the album “In[SPYRA]tion” was recorded by Roksana and Wolfram alone, “In[SPYRA]tion II” was a live recording in which Hajo Liese also took part. Now the third part. The album is expected to be released at the Superbooth in mid-May.

With “In[SPYRA]tion III”, Hajo Liese, Wolfram Spyra and Roksana Vikaluk have documented their mesmerising performance at the 2023 E-Circus Summer Edition. A very nice album that captures the concert very well, as the announcements and the applause in between were also captured. Musically, the album is also top-notch and a recommended purchase for the great live version of “Future Of The Past” alone.

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