Spyra + Roksana (Moon and Melody) – Voices of Ancestors


Released: 2021 Spyra

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1.Voices of ancestors/Stimmer der Vorfahren 31:15
2.Kolysanka dla Marii/Wiegenlied für Maria (Oekraïens kinderlied) 6:40

Voices of ancestors is a music album by the duo Moon & Melody. That duo consists of Wolfram Spyra (electronic music) and Roksana Vikaluk from classical music. Recordings took place in the St. Mary’s Church in Frankfurt an der Oder.

The duo had experienced the acoustics of the church during an earlier visit and were impressed. This resulted in the construction of a small steel installation, which serves as Spyra’s musical instrument in the church. These so-called Bow chimes, developed by Rob Butman, provide the “accompaniment” to Vikaluk’s vocal contributions. The installation was equipped with a microphone for the recordings, but the main recording took place using a microphone installation placed in an artificial head in the center of this large church. This microphone installation also captured all kinds of natural sounds, such as chirping birds and chimes.

The album is dedicated to Bob Rutman, the instrument builder died during the production process.

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