Spyra – Staub


Released: 2014 By Spyra Recording

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  1. Dusk
  2. Staub
  3. Glacier
  4. Etude
  5. Ecce Homo
  6. Flur

Fantatic new release by Spyra!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca

    It’s been more than 4 years that Spyra had not tickled our ears of his complex tones. The last album he made was the very ambient 0B41H. An album where Spyra dragged his fans towards long sonic corridors devoid of rhythms, of sequences. Structured on the eclectic tones of Juno 6, Staub is before everything the fruit of a reflection on EM, from its roots to its last buds, that Wolfram Spyra exorcised since that 0B41H went out in 2010. Wandering like a night-predator between the USA and Ukraine, while passing by England and Poland, the German synthesist gathered a crowd of ideas. His prey? The Roland Juno 6! Extirpating sequences of prism which got melted in the chaos of inconsistent rhythms in perpetual metamorphoses, Spyra built gradually the pattern of a fascinating album where the ambient rhythms of the vintage years were confronted from now on to some very attractive contemporary melodies. Composed, played and recorded in only one take at each night, the music of Staub offers a fascinating duality between the blackness and the clearness. It’s a strange ballet stuffed of contrasting choreographies. It’s also an attractive pastoral ode where the shadows crawl on innocents melodies which try to anchor near our ears.

    And this amazing sonic adventure begins with the very somber Dusk” and its vampiric bass waves which terrorize a lineage of jumping keys. These bass sequences stamp the ambiences with a series of small furtive steps which skip as swiftly as peacefully in the muffled impulses of a bass line and of its sinister reverberations. Although very agitated

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