Stefan Erbe – Intermediate


Released: 1998 By Stefan Erbe

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  1. Between the Silence [6:53]
  2. Little Samurai [3:12]
  3. Intermediate [6:40]MP3 soundclip of Intermediate [2:59]
  4. A Sequent Gallery Part 2 [4:38]
  5. Freedom of Movement [3:44]
  6. Watercourse [4:01]
  7. Our Darkness [2:40]
  8. Recurrent [6:20]
  9. The Phonecall [3:11]
  10. Clockwork [4:16]
  11. Nightwalk [5:48]
  12. Loopback [4:51]
  13. Lost in Noman`s Land [7:49]MP3 soundclip of Lost in Noman`s Land [3:00]

Melodic, modern rhythmic OVERSTOCK PRICE REDUCTION

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2 reviews for Stefan Erbe – Intermediate

  1. Bradford Warner / SoundDesign

    Those who live, at least in part, to appreciate music, love to see an artist deepen explorations with a new work.
    The flow of moods through Erbe‘s latest studio album Intermediate meshes loneliness, self reflection, and hope into a soundscape of modern life.
    From the well thought out graphic design of the packaging to the closing minute of the final track, Lost in No Man’s Land

  2. Matt Howarth

    This 64 minute CD from 1998 features some highly engaging contemporary electronics by Erbe.Lively synthesizers wind along pleasant paths accompanied by relaxed E-perc and buzzing effects. Erbe achieves a fanciful and entertaining sound with a versatile sonic palette combined with a clever sense of composition. His harmonic excursions are lush without being dense or hyper. This music excels at bestowing character on a futurist template.
    Cyclic sequencing is decently enhanced by an ample presence of interesting keyboard riffs. A distinct sense of humanity lives in this music as Erbe conveys subtle whimsy that softens the emotional content without defusing the passion. In some pieces, synthesized strings add a pastoral flair, while other tracks exhibit a deeply classical mood. Overall, this serious music is tickled with personality, flavoring its cerebral roots with sprightly sensibilities.
    While these melodies are soothing, they possess a degree of enjoyable vitality: invigorating and mesmerizing. Enticing diversions flourish among the music, as riffs swarm around their core themes, embellishing the tunes with gorgeous aspects. The result is a thoroughly captivating dose of contemporary electronic music, blending old school influences with a modern approach and gentle style.
    A single brief track with vocals displays a predominant dance factor that is a charming deviation from the otherwise introspective instrumental music.

    2002. Matt Howarth

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